Halloween Party Games for Third Grade

Updated on May 17, 2009
K.C. asks from Bethlehem, PA
8 answers

Hi ladies!! Any ideas on any fun games for a third grade classroom halloween party?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hello K. C!

I haven't really done Halloween stuff before, but I like your name...lol. Anyway, here are a few ideas:

1. Pumpkin Pass (like Hot Potato)---use a small plastic pumpkin.
2. How many candy corns in the jar? Fill a clear jar with candy corn. Have each child write down their best guess, then count to see who was the closest.
3. Skeleton Reassemble -- use plastic skeleton that can be taken apart and put back together (or cut out the pieces from poster board). Divide children up into groups. Whichever group reassembles their skeleton first, wins. (Helps teach about the skeleton while having fun). To make it more challenging, you could hide the bones around the room.
4. Halloween Memory -- found at http://childparenting.about.com/od/halloweenparties/ss/ha...

Have fun!
K. C



answers from Pittsburgh on

We just did this game i beleive last year for a kids group party, hope this helps.

Bounce a small pumpkin from one person to another with you legs.

Game type:
Active. A lot of movement may be required.
6 or more players.
Needed: Small pumpkins

Rules: This would made a great game for a class Halloween Party. Have the kids or adults lay on their backs on the floor right next to each other. One player's head should be next to the next player's feet and so on down the line. Then get a small pumpkin and set it on one player's legs who is laying on one end of the line up. The players have to try to bounce the pumpkin all the way to other people with their legs pushing upward when the pumpkin lands on their legs while still laying down in the same position.

You could even do something simple like the balloon race just make sure the colors are black and orange.
-Divide up into teams with one balloon for each team. Half of each team is at opposite ends of the room at least 20 feet apart. The first player of each team must keep the balloon in the air while racing down to the other end. She passes the balloon off to the first player of her team at that end who races back, and passes it off to the next, etc. To be declared the winning team, all members of the team must have successfully raced with the balloon in the air.




answers from Allentown on

Pin the nose on the pumpkin? How about getting a rod and tying marshmallows on strings and have the kids try to put the marshmallows (or powdered donuts) into their mouths without using their hands (two hold the rod up high). Bobbing for apples is always fun... Are any of these games?



answers from Harrisburg on

this is a really cool game - my hubby is a 4th grade teacher and they've done it in his class a few times - take a box of small white powdered donuts and some twine/string - take a piece of string (about 10-12inches or so) and loop it through the donut and carefully tie it onto the donut - make sense? - then take a LONG piece of string and string it across the room - then tie each donut string onto that LONG string and then have each kid come up to "their donut" (you may need to break it into groups - which actually is more fun anyways b/c then they get to watch each other) then each kid has to bite enough of the donut to get it off the string - catch is??? they have to have their hands behind their back - HILLARIOUS to watch - and fun for everyone -

"winners" - can either be the first person from each group - or set a time limit and the most gotten off from each group

REALLY fun - doesnt' take too long either!

let us know what you decide!

stepahnie w



answers from Erie on

This might be too baby ish but you could adapt.

When i taught preschool, my co-teacher made a spinner each section had a certain number of spiders drawn on it for the non-readers but you could use numbers too or Math Problems to solve
the object of the game was to fill all ten of childs fingers with little plastic spider rings. If they spun a 2 they would get two rings to put on, etc etc until they filled all ten fingers.

like i said you could adapt and have them solve math problems in oder to get the correct number of spiders, or maybe use fake witch fingers instead of the spider rings.
You would need to purchase enough rings so that maybe a group of 4 could play at a time and maybe need 30 some rings. I lack the advanced math skills to figure that out but i'm just saying you need more than 10.
Let me know if this was too fuzzy and i'll try to see if i can add some details. It was a while ago.
Have fun!


answers from Pittsburgh on

Simple, easy, fun for all ages- Which team can wrap someone up like a mummy with a roll of toilet paper the quickest.



answers from Williamsport on

"Kick, Blow, Throw"
Use large marshmallows. Simple as the title.
See how far a child can kick, throw or blow a marshmallow.
Can be done individually or by team.



answers from Pittsburgh on

At my son's preschool, we did a big bowl of spaghetti (about 2 lbs. - cold and coated in olive oil) for them to dig through to find little prizes (spider & bat rings, etc) It really creeped them out to dig through brains blindfolded! Also, you could peel grapes, put in a bowl & have them dig through "eyeballs" blindfolded. YUK! I think even third graders would get a kick out of that.

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