Halloween Party Games???

Updated on October 21, 2008
J.S. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I have a Halloween party every year. I am having trouble coming up with new games for the kids and adults to play. Last year we did Bingo and a spooky walk with the kids. The adults answered Trivia questions and a candy corn count game. Anybody know of any other fun games that we could play??? Thanks

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We had a halloween birthday party last year. I got trick or treat plastic bags, then we filled a baby pool with straw (the less allergy kind) and candy. The kids had a blast digging for the candy and filling their bags. It was a ton of fun.

for my sons school class I am doing pin the nose on the pumkpin. I am doing a square pumkpin this time and using the spookley the square pumpkin name on it...less cutting.

there are those foam craft kits too that are at micheals, joanne and pat catans. they have some real cute sets.

good luck!



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How about having ghosts cut out of paper and having guests draw faces on them using markers they hold in their mouths? Maybe have alcohol wipes on hand to wipe off between guests. You could do this as a contest. If you don't like the idea of holding markers in their mouths you could have them hold the marker with non-dominant hands with their thumbs taped down.

You cold have a cookie decorating station for the kids. Set out icing, sprinkles, decors, stencils, etc.

How about hot potato or musical chairs to Halloween music?



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Here is a fun game that our youth group loves actually the adults loved it as well.

Get a small prize, wrap it in a small box, then put it in a bigger box and wrap it then put it in a bigger box and wrap that up.

Put a lot of tape on the boxes to make the game last longer and to make it more difficult.

Then have a pair of gloves, a wig, sunglasses, and a hat.

Put the gift on a table, have the people stand around the table. Pick a person to start. Give two dice to the person to the right of the person going first.

Say go the first person will have to put on the gloves, wig, sunglasses and hat. After they get those items on they try to open the present. While that is going on the dice are being passed around the the table. Each person rolls them once. As soon as someone rolls doubles, (yell doubles) the person has to stop unwrapping the gift and hand the gift and the wig etc to the person on the right. the dice keep moving in the circle as well as the wig/gift. It is so funny. The people playing will be laughing and getting in to it. The game is over when the person has the gift in their hand.

kids shouldn't ever care if they lose because it was so fun to play.

The dice keep going around the table. There will be times that the person putting the wig etc on will only get one item on and doubles will already be called. They have to just hand over the stuff to the next person.

I am not the best explainer so I hope it makes sense.

Another idea
buy labels and put a persons name on the label. Then don't let the person see their label and place it on their back. The object is to figure out who you are by asking the other playing the game questions. (sports figures, singers, tv stars etc are ideas for the labels)




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At my son's preschool, we did a big bowl of spaghetti (about 2 lbs. - cold and coated in olive oil) for them to dig through to find little prizes (spider & bat rings, etc) It really creeped them out to dig through brains blindfolded! Also, you could peel grapes, put in a bowl & have them dig through "eyeballs" blindfolded. YUK!
Also for the kids you could do "Pin The Stem On The Pumkin."

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