Halloween Party for 10 Year Olds

Updated on September 03, 2008
T.M. asks from Argyle, TX
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I am thinking of throwing a halloween party for my 10 year old son. Maybe all boys, maybe not. I need ideas for "cool" things for them to do. Food is a cinch with so many cute cakes etc. I of course can pumpkin carve or decorate, I saw a cute craft for a shrunken head. There is always water balloon toss or egg toss that they love, but I need some NEW stuff. I think I will do, guess how much your trick or treat bag weighs and maybe a scavenger hunt but would welcome new ideas. Oh...costume contest! Also any great ideas for prizes!!! Maybe I do have enough ideas!!!!

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We do a big Halloween bash every year. We do a cardboard box maze through the dark playroom and have a dad stand at the back entrance (which is my back driveway) to scare the kids as they come out. We also do the monster mash, a "cupcake" walk, musical chairs and various other party games.

Kids each bring a dollar store prize and everyone wins the costume contest. As guests arrive I have a parent stationed at the door recording what the costume was, then she makes the winner certificates.

Kids will usually pick what they brought, cause they wanted it or they wouldnt have bought it! lol And everyone getting a prize is so much fun.

This year we are adding a sno-ball fight to kick off a good winter! www.candisno.com

Good luck and have fun!

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I had a Halloween party at my house when I was younger. We played a game (I think it came out of the Scary Stories books) and we had a "curtain" to hide peeking eyes.. You make them stick their hands under and feel what's back there... You can do like peeled grapes for eyes, spaghetti noodles for brains, then I think we used a liver for the heart (of course have them wash their hands)..It was a while back, so I'm having a hard time remembering, but you get the idea :) you can get pretty creative with it. Boys love gross stuff like that! The girls actually thought it was really cool too and people still reminded me of it years later.

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My kids loved this when they were younger. I found as many big cardboard boxes that I could and taped them together in my garage with duct tape. I made a tunnel that weaved around and they had to crawl through. I had a black light on in the garage and draped the boxes with sheets. I painted some of the boxes to look like halloween scenes. I decorated the garage with Halloween Stuff. My sister dressed like a gypsy and told fortunes. You can always have your bowl of worms (spagetti) they have to put their hands in. One cardboard box that is painted like something scary with a hole for the mouth can be used for a bean bag toss. I even made themed bean bags so that each kid could take one home. Have fun!

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Try orientaltrading.com. They have great treats, costumes and just looking at it you might get some ideas.



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T., I make these cute Halloween soap favors that would make great prizes or goodie-bag stuffers. They are little rubber duckies (Halloween themed) in them. I can send you pics, if you're interested. You can e-mail me at: [email protected]____.com.



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Hi, I second the idea for a gues the scary stuff game... hide spagetti noodles, peeled grapes, ... behind a curtain and blind fold for a scarier effect then have the kids feel their way through and then after have them all write down what they think they felt and the one will the most right get a prize. I think the prizes should be real, I dont thing most kids want gift cards...
But I could be wrong... also door prizes are fun as well

if you need custom prizes or any type of custom gift, party favors or a candy buffet set up give me a call.

A. J



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Go to familyfun.com for ideas.

We always do a mummy wrap contest (teams wrap a member in toilet paper... timed.... best wrap job wins). Trust me, there is no age limit on enjoyment level here.

Becareful with the bobbing for apples. Any bobbing can be risky. Try bobbing for donuts on a string... I got it from family fun.



answers from Amarillo on

How about putting a few ghoolish things in containers for the kids to reach into and guess the contents. Some examples are peeled grapes for eyeballs, spaghetti noodles for brains, etc. Another thing we've done in the past is make a bozo the clown type game by screwing brightly colored trick or treat pumpkins onto a black 2x4 board. Each kid tries tossing a ping pong ball into the first bucket, second, so on and so forth until they miss. Bobbing for apples is pretty gross to me now with so many diseases carried in bodily fluids but you can do almost the same thing by hanging apples from different lengths of string from the ceiling and having the kids line up next to them and try to bite one with hands behind their backs. Oh, one other suggestion, we've done glow in the dark face paint and tattoos before... they were a big hit! For party favors you can buy glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, and sticks really cheap from orientaltrading.com



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Bobbing for apples is always fun. There also a lot of really neat crafts on the Oriental Trading site that are affordable.

If you need cute, custom, affordable invitations



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Bob for apples!

Prizes: $5 gift card or a pass to the movies. (?)

My son is 11 and I tried to think through his view.


P. <><



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Hi T., My Huge family has a party every year and one of the funniest things is our relay races.
Once we had a relay running with a rubber chicken between our legs. divide into 2 teams & divide those into 2 equal amounts on each side & run that chicken back & forth to see who finishes first.
Another is our clothes relay. You have a set of large clothing, shirt Pants, shoes, hat, or anything you want for each team and they put the clothes on as fast as they can & take them off & pass them down. Of course you have 2 teams.
Also we have had tricycle races that's always funny.
Passing an orange neck to neck without using any hands is a challenge. You could use a small pumpkin.
I have tons but one more is the baseball bat spin. I'm sure you've seen it. They bend down placing their forehead on a bat & spin around 8 or 10 times then try to run to a specific spot or line. Be sure there's nothing in the way, lol, seen a few run into things.
Have fun. Take care.