Halloween Party 2Nd Grade

Updated on October 10, 2010
K.B. asks from Somerville, OH
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I just saw this question a week or so ago and can not find it ANYWHERE in the history.
I am co room mom for the year in my sons second grade class. We are planning the party. It will last an hour. We have no food allergies and can use store bought or home made. (How lucky are we!) There are only 19 children in the class.
So far:
Decorating cupcakes-have someone making the cupcakes already.
Decorating small pumpkins-someone has donated the pumpkins!
Beanbag toss into a pumpkin head.

We are looking for one or two more activities to do with the children. Anyone out there have any wonderful (inexpensive) ideas to do with 19 children? Thanks in advance!

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answers from Tulsa on

Check family fun online magazine.

Go to a local business supply store and see if they carry Mailbox curriculum books they have tons of stuff for Halloween in the October book.

Here's a link to the site but I think going and actually looking at them would give you so many ideas. I can plan a whole year of curriculum with these books and feel sad I can't use everything in them in one month.




answers from Kansas City on

Divide the class into a few teams and have them each choose a "mummy" and a wrapper. The wrapper has to wrap the mummy head to toe using a roll of toilet paper. The goal is to be the first team to finish by using up the entire roll of paper. It's really fun and pretty hilarious although it does take a little while, so you may want to start with a roll that is half empty! The kids can also take turns being the wrapper. The roll does sometime break as it is only toilet paper and the kids can get kind of excited, so I just had them tuck in the ends to the loops already made.

Another mummy idea is to use marshmallows and wrap them in Fruit by the Foot. Then take some frosting and make little eyes and then eat.

Bingo is also a favorite (but it also takes forever). The kids can use candy corns as their markers and then eat them.

What about maybe a coloring contest? Print out a picture of something festive and see who can do the best job coloring it. You'd have to find an impartial judge or you room moms could pick the top 3, as long as they were anonymous, and then the class could vote on the best.

You could do a continuing story...(you might want to start a couple so the kids aren't waiting too long to write something and just pass them all around on different colored papers or something) but start with some sort of spooky sentence that the class helps create. Then the next person writes a follow up sentence and then folds over the first sentence so only their sentence can be seen...and passes it on. Then the next person writes something and folds over the sentence above and passes it on. It's sort of like a written version of telephone.



answers from Minneapolis on

Can you buy toliet paper and have groups wrap up a friend as a mummy... The 1st group through the roll wins. They can go around the other or the mummy can spin or both. The joy of figuring it out and it is fun.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I really think the three great activities you have will take the hour. If you plan too many activities you will be running around pushing them to complete it. Have fun!!



answers from San Francisco on

craft stick photo frames - decorate with halloween-theme stickers
decorate small grocery bags for trick or treating bags

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