Halloween in Old Lake Highlands

Updated on October 02, 2008
K.H. asks from Austin, TX
5 answers

What's everyone in Old Lake Highlands (or Lake Highlands) doing for Halloween? I have a three year old and our street is always completely dead for Halloween! I'd like to take her trick-or-treating but would like to be where everyone else is. Thanks for any suggestions.


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answers from Dallas on

We live very close to you (just the other side of NW Highway west of Ferndale) and you are welcome to come join our Third Annual Halloween Yard Party. Last year we had about 75 people and we expect more this year.

Our kids are 5,3, and 1 month and we have a lot of same age kids coming too. We usually get started about an hour before dark. We cook hotdogs and provide Kool Aid and Iced Tea. We put out a community food table and lots of people bring something, but lots of people don't. Either way it all works out to be plenty.

Parents of older kids bring a cooler of beer and a lawn chair and just sit back and watch. Parents of younger kids supervise their little ones and once it gets dark, we all caravan on foot down the street for trick or treating.

Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested in joining us - the more the merrier.

PS - We'll be at the St. Pat's Harvest Fest too...



answers from Dallas on

We are in Lake Highlands -- North of Royal, South of Forest, East of Greenville and West of Abrams (Moss Haven Elementary neighborhood). There are tons tons tons of kids out in this neighborhood -- it is a very nice, safe, festive feeling. I have a 6 and 3 year old and love it.



answers from Dallas on

We go to Swiss Avenue--crazy loads of people and so much fun! There is a man who does a Phantom of the Opera performance every hour and everyone loves it!



answers from Dallas on

We are in (regular?) Lake Highlands ... North of NW Highway, South of Walnut Hill, West of Audelia (White Rock Elementary area) and there are a lot of kids here as well. Not as much at the top of the hill where we are (where there are no sidewalks), but in the streets near the school .... once the sidewalks begin ..... there are a lot of kids. I have a 5 yr old and a 19 mo old and we always stick around here.



answers from Dallas on

I live in Lake Highlands too. first off...you HAVE to come to the Harvest Fest at St. Patrick School/Church, however it's on the 18th, not Halloween. You won't regret it. Its tons of fun!! that's a great way to open up the fall season and get in the mood. We live close to there and our street isn't hoppin' or anything but we have a bit of trick or treat traffic.

I did see that there is a school having an event ON halloween, however...though it's not in the neighborhood- its not far. I drive my husband downtown to work and i take Matilida on the way home....that is a street over from Greenville and off Mockingbird (a side street of Stonewall Jackson Elem on Mockingbird)...so if you come from LH down Mockingbird, turn left on the street after SJ elem (Matilida) and the school is down that road, you can't miss it. I haven't been but I saw a sign that from 3-7 they are having a halloween (Oct. 31)event. It may be fun.

Gl, KimG

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