Halloween Fun for Teens

Updated on October 08, 2008
A.N. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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Hi Moms -

Any suggestions on Halloween fun for Teens? I am looking to take my 14 yr. old and friends to some fun haunted houses or anything local for Halloween fun that is geared towards teens in a healthy and safe environment.

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I'm sure there will be some haunted houses... As a plan B or for something to do after the haunted house, you might call around to movie theaters (Alamo Draft House?) and see if they are planning to show any halloween movies that evening... Ask if they would let minors in, because I know Alamo serves beer and I can't remember if there is an age requirement.



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The Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar Park has a haunted house. I forget what day, but you can call them. Its supposedly a good one for teens to go to as well.


answers from Austin on

There are quite a few Haunted Houses that have already opened. They do have an entry fee so be sure to check out their websites. I also know some the local churches (yes really) have haunted houses. They are really scary too. Check the Statesman.com for info.

Lots of schools have fall carnivals, once again, lots of these are listed on the websites of the newspaper and local tv stations.

Rolling Rinks will do Halloween themed nights, I think even one of the Bowling alleys has Halloween Bowling. If not, you could always get the kids to dress up in costume and go Bowling, eat pizza and get ice cream. Take tons of pictures..



answers from Austin on

Take them to Hill Country Bible Church's Halloween bash...it's AWESOME!!! I volunteered last year and there were over 800 attendees, I think. http://www.two14.org/ Click on "the Haps," and it will bring up Nightmare on Little Elm Street. DEFINITELY worth it! Or, call the church at ###-###-#### and ask to speak with student ministries about the event.

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