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Updated on September 27, 2011
S.F. asks from Ogdensburg, NY
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So my daughter will be 22 months this halloween and it will be the first time trick or treating. She is absolutely in love with curious george so she is going dressed as a monkey this year. (She looks beyond adorable in her costume) Anyway my silly question is, are any of your kiddos going dressed as a monkey for halloween too? I noticed that when we went to buy the costume that there were literally no monkey ones left and it got me thinking if she will end up seeing her costume on a ton of other kids while she is out. Not that it matters. I think she would actually love to see a bunch of other monkeys out there with her but just thought I would ask out of curiousity

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answers from Dallas on

We are not doing monkeys, but if you want to individualize it, you could have her be one of the Georges from a book. Like add a raincoat and rain hat or have her carry a George with her. Or you could dress up as the man in the yellow hat.

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answers from Savannah on

I have a feeling this might be a popular costume because for infants and toddlers. there are not very many costumes to choose from, especially if you are going to a local store to purchase. At every store I have been in, there was at least one type of monkey and sometimes 2 for that age range. But at least you know she will love her costume.

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answers from New York on

My daughter was a monkey at two!

Women never want to see someone wearing the same think but she will love to see other monkeys. Especially if she loves them.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

My son was a monkey at age 2 (now he's 9). I took lots of pictures of him eating bananas in costume!

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answers from Las Cruces on

No, they do however wear monkey jammies allmost every night. I bet your daughter will be the cutest little monkey out there :)

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answers from Boston on

I had a hard time finding costumes that weren't from the TV shows that are popular. I ended up making my daughters costumes. I think only once in her currently 15 years of Halloween have I been able to just buy a ready made costume.


answers from Austin on

I doubt you are going to see many duplicate costumes unless they are super heros.

There are just so many kids and over all not that many costumes that are the same.



answers from Cincinnati on

My son was a monkey for his first halloween (he was 2.5mnths old) and Tigger last year. This year he wants to be winnie the pooh if we can find a custome that will fit him.



answers from Dallas on

I thought the same thing but with another costume last year, a vampire. I searched high and low for a vampire costume for my son and thought, "wow, a lot of kids are going to be vampires" so he opted for his next choice. Halloween night we didn't run into a single vampire! Go figure. But to officially answer your question regarding monkey costumes, nope:) This year I have Belle, a bumble bee and yes, a vampire (I shopped REALLY early this year, LOL).

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