Halloween Costume Ideas (For Mom), Please!

Updated on October 23, 2013
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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My DD and I go to an annual Halloween party and I never dress up, although this year I REALLY want to! But I have NO IDEA what to dress up as! I originally wanted to play off of what my almost 6yr old DD was going to be, and go as mom and daughter. She at one point was thinking Rapunzel, so I thought "oh great, I can be Mother Gothel!" But she has chosen to be a Zombie Princess! I don't have anything available to dress as a "Zombie Prince" nor do I really want to LOL, so I am looking for other ideas! Please help! TIA!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I was Cleopatra this year. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Cleopatra-Adult-Costume/11539279. I paid $20 for the costume and now I see it is on sale for $15. Darn!!!

My 15 year old actually looked really cute with very little effort. She wore all black (tights, high boots, black sweater) and we bought cat ears, bow tie and tail at walmart for $5.

My mom wore all pink this year and bought the bunny ears bow tie and tail. Very cute. You can also draw whiskers out of eye liner.

Have fun!!

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answers from New London on

Whaaaat zombie queen would be so much fun. Though I'm kind of into that sort of stuff. Bring on the Walking Dead type of thing. I guess if your not into it it's not as fun. Umm wow if your not into zombies it is not so fun to play into it. You could always just be a regular queen playing into the same theme there. (Though you can get 1,000 mommy points for dressing up as a zombie...)

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answers from Washington DC on

My favorite costume ever - wear all black and get some of that fake spider web stuff from Walmart. Pull the spider web stuff apart and stick it in clumps all over your body (and one clump on your head!) Carry a spray bottle of water. No one will have any idea what you are. And when they ask? Tell them you're "partly cloudy with a chance of rain" and then spray them with the water bottle :)

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answers from Austin on

Zombie Queen of course..

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answers from Kansas City on

I love Halloween. This year my daughter wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo, and I was excited to be Velma because I love her. Last year I was Kaylee from Firefly and she was Batgirl. It doesn't have to be a theme, just whatever you like. We dressed up for work last year and a coworker of mine found some colorful clothes in her closet with a colorful scarf and a lot of beaded jewelry and went as a gypsy. Simple and so cute!

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answers from Chattanooga on

You could be a zombie hunter... Lots of black, leather belts, fake sword/crossbow, dirt/gore smudges, maybe a few bloodstained bandages.

You could make her a "tamed" zombie princess, and put a leash on her. (Think Walking Dead, if you watch it... Remember Michone's intro?)

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answers from New York on

My recent halloween costumes have included-
The statue of liberty
a taxi cab with working headlights
a lobster, hubs was a fisherman
a shark
a witch
a chicken
a wolf
a dragon
a bucaneer

just go to the store, or look around the house. something that suits you will soon be clear.

F. B.



answers from New York on

My husband and I both hate dressing up for Halloween, but last year we had to because we went to a party that required a costume. So we went as our kids. I was our 10-yr old daughter - glasses like hers, hair in braids, off the shoulder shirt with tank underneath, fake Uggs. My husband was the 8-yr old boy - shorts, t-shirt with a superhero on it, big Lego box under his arm.

The party is every two years, so I guess we have to start thinking about next year.



answers from Seattle on

You could always be the "Zombie Queen" and play off hers. Wear a similar dress and get a crown. Paint your face. It could be fun :)

Or go as Wonder Woman!



answers from Los Angeles on

I would love a Zombie Queen but if you don't want to do that:
-minnie M. (just wear red min skirt w/white polka dots, ears & a M. nose you can buy)
-princess w/a crown
-a janitor
-Carrie from the movie (prom gown, crown, sash & blood) yuck
-guy executive (suit, mustache, tie, briefcase)
-buy blowing in wind. Suit, his tie blowing, gum wrappers stuck to him, paper sticking straight out off of him
-grocery clerk (apron, badge, toy cash register etc)
edit: - waitress, skirt, apron, tray, badge, tablet to write down order)
-lady in robe, curlers, slippers etc.



answers from Los Angeles on

Easy costume: Mommy Dearest
Bathrobe over classic pajamas, headband, cold cream all over face, severe arched eyebrows penciled dark, red lipstick. Just like Joan Crawford.



answers from Dallas on

Ew. I think you are just going to have to do your own thing! I can't think of any good connection to that!



answers from Detroit on

My daughter is little bo peep this year and I was her sheep, but everyone at the party thought i was a cloud (it was too hot to put my hood up with the ears on it).
One year I bought an old cabbage patch doll, dressed it like myself, and tied it around my waist with a belt. I was beside myself (very true for a mother most days).
I saw a cute one using paint samples. 50 shades of grey.
The zombie theme might just be a good excuse to dress in '80s gear. Just think Thriller....


answers from Grand Forks on

My easy go to costume is a set of scrubs and a lab coat.

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