Hair Product Causing My 13 Yo to Break Out

Updated on January 09, 2013
K.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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My 13 yo son uses Paul Mitchell FIrm Style Dry Wax hair product that it is causing severe break outs along his hair line. We instruct him to scrub it out thoroughly every night and it's only slightly better. Anyone else have this problem and found something different that didn't cause break outs?

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answers from Wausau on

He should stop using it entirely, right now. It boggles me that he keeps using it when it causes problems. Washing better won't help. Having him throw it out, then wait until his skin heals before trying a different product. He will just have to live with a week or two of unwaxed hair.

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answers from Columbia on

Well first of all, he should stop using the product he's allergic to.

I'm allergic to product with fragrance in it. I break out on my face, neck and shoulders. So I buy unscented or low-scented product. It can sometimes be a pain in the butt to find, but it's out there. Just lurk around the hair products aisle. If you can't find something completely unscented, look for something with a lower scent profile (Aveeno has some). Also...does he really need a "wax" product? Could he get the same results with a mousse (which would probably not leave so much residue on his head all day)?

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answers from Chicago on

I have never used this particular product, but my aunt used to work for Paul Mitchell and would give me shampoos and styling products and anytime I used them my shoulders and back would break out really badly. Once I stopped using the product the break outs stopped as well.

I use Nexxus and Tresseme products now and I don't have any problems.

Good Luck,

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answers from Columbia on

I use the men's Aveda styling products (the shampoo and conditioner are either gender, for the most part) and I have had no problems.... whereas I will break out with other styling products.

I especially like the men's Pure-Formance Grooming Clay.
It depends on what he's doing with the wax though.... it's not strong enough to build a mo-hawk, for example. However, it makes my hair "choppy" (not sure if that's a real word) or "piece-y" and lessons the frizz by TONS.

Maybe try that?

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answers from Washington DC on

He may also be allergic to something in the product that is causing irritation as well as breakouts. My SD cannot use certain Herbal Essences shampoos. But the other consideration is - will any styling product of this type keep grease stuck to his head and cause problems? He may need to reconsider this wax type product altogether.



answers from Seattle on

I can't use Aussie. Makes me hallucinate. Wheeeeee. Bad.
Head & Shoulders GIVES me dandruff
Certain lotions make me break out everywhere they touch
Sebastian products make my back break out.

But in general, I can use MOST products. But some my body says NOPE! Not that one!!

Switch brands. There are lots and lots of waxes & pomades.



answers from Houston on

I would try having him use an astringent along the hairline every day after he puts it on his hair and scrub well at night. A good zit cream like Acnefree Terminator applied on the worst spots would help, too. If that doesn't work, try another product. There some brands that break me out and I just steer clear of them.



answers from Chicago on

My husband breaks out easily and uses Crew hair products. You can find then anywhere....they have a wax too! Also make sure you PM is bought from a salon or it could be old, expired, or tampered with. It says it right on the bottle.



answers from Chicago on

I was allergic to Herbal Essence, so I researched all chemical free products to use in my house for me and my kids. By changing to chemical free products my kids health and my health have improved a lot. The headaches were finally gone. The breathing allergies that we all had disappeared too. I found a site that sells bath and body, cleaners, makeup, weight loss products, etc. If you are interested in finding out more just message me. Would love to share it with you.

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