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Updated on July 13, 2012
S.B. asks from Hudson, WI
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I've been dying my hair for a few years now, but stopped once I found out I was preggers. I read, and was told by my mom, that I can't dye my hair at this time. But later I found out that I can as long as I wash it out really well, now I'm confused... I don't see any of my mid-wives until the 16th of this month... I guess I'm just wondering: Would it be safe to dye my hair, or should I wait until the end of August when the baby is born???
Help pwease? This is all uber confusing to/for me, thanks :D

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answers from Chicago on

I didn't, just to be safe,

The 16th is only 7 days and 2 minutes away :) I think you can probably wait a week for their recommendation before proceeding.

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answers from Dallas on

I dyed my hair when I was pregnant with both of my kids, and everything turned out fine. However, I did notice that the color was a little lighter and did not hold as well as it did when I was not pregnant.

After reading your post I was a little curious to see how safe/unsafe it was and found this website:

They say it is safe, but safer after the first trimester, so you should be good to go. I would ask your midwives just in case, though--they may have information or advice that this website does not offer.

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answers from Houston on

I'm a hairstylist and was also recently pregnant. Every obgyn will have a different opinion. Mine said it was safe... just stay away from very strong chemicals like perms/straighteners. Hair color usually isn't one of the ones to be too concerned about. Most of the dangers are the idea of the color being absorbed into your bloodstream and affecting the baby. So, to do that safely, you can put your color in foils, since color in foils will not be able to absorb into your scalp at all. Also, some brands are very organic, and much safer, such as Aveda.

Pregnancy hormones and taking prenatal vitamins may make the color not turn out as well as usual though.

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answers from Chicago on

It doesn't get into your system. Period.

I dyed my hair through 2 pregnancies (yes, first trimester, too) and have 2 totally healthy babies.

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answers from Pocatello on

yes it is safe to dye your hair. The only reason they say not to is because there hasn't been enough studies done to show it doesn't cause harm to the baby. But there hasn't been studies to support that is does cause harm either. So it's just a caution thing. yes get it washed out really well or instead of dying your whole head you could get highlights put in. Then the dye isn't rubbed into your scalp as much. But either way you'll be fine :)

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answers from Chicago on

There are so many conflicting studies about whether or not it is safe. I choose to believe the studies that say that it is not harmful :-) I colored my hair every month while I was pregnant with my younger two children. If I hadn't, I would look like their grandma. Who wants to have gray hair in all of those precious pictures with the newborn baby? Not I.

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answers from Denver on

no. and you shouldn't do it any other time either....particularly if you're using dark colors. if you're going to nurse, I wouldn't dye then either.

most of the chemicals in these products have never been tested for long-term safety (other than skin reactions) and the chemical cocktails in them have never been tested together period.

hair dyes are some of the worst chemicals we us in personal care products. many of what is used in the darker dyes has been banned in the European Union.
check out EWG's list for ranking of personal care products:

there are some hair dyes that are not horribly dangerous - you'll have to search them out.



answers from Portland on

My OB said it was ok when I was pregnant a year ago. But, pregnancy has a lot of changes to your body, and it might not turn out as well as you like because of the chemical changes. I don't know, it might be something to think about.

You can always call and ask your dr what she/he thinks, you don't have to wait for an appointment. I would personally, heck, I probably did, I called a lot for the first one. Good luck on the last month of your pregnancy.



answers from Omaha on

5% of what is on the skin will get in the blood stream. I was told because I've been bleaching/Dyeing my hair since I was twelve that high lights are the best idea when pregnant because it doesn't touch the scalp but if I wanted to dye/bleach to do so after the 1st trimester when the greatest risks exist, to make sure there was great ventilation, and to make sure I went to a professional who was careful to NOT get it on my scalp. If I upheld all that in his opinion it was perfectly fine.

I just choose to dye my hair only twice during my last pregnancy. I did it right before the birth so my pictures wouldn't be so terrible with my doctors blessing even.


answers from San Francisco on

I'm sure it's fine, but can't you at least call your midwife in the meantime, for her opinion?



answers from New York on

My children are now teens, so things may have changed. When I was pregnant that was one of the top 10 things not to do. Why risk it?

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