Hair Do Ideas for 2 Year Old Girl?

Updated on May 28, 2007
D.G. asks from Clifton Park, NY
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I am trying to avoid the straight bang look for my little girl but she has a high forehead so I'm trying to figure out a different way to take attention away from it. Any ideas? Maybe a side part with a gentle sloping bang? Is that a ridiculous idea for a 2 year old? Is a "straight bang" a thing of the past? I wish we could post pictures on here.......

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your responses! I brought her to get her haircut and left with a gentle slope going down the side of her face but her forehead was still pretty much exposed and it was still getting in her way. I went back a few days later and got her bangs done. They are longer bangs but they look so cute! I wish I did it a year ago. :-) Maybe next time I will have them cut a litter shorter so they are even more out of her way. Baby steps! Thanks again to all who responded.

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answers from Syracuse on

if you have the side of her hair angled, it will take away from her forhead but is absolutly adorable!! I have always had a high forhead but didn't want the bangs bacause they make me look even younger than i already do (I am 25 but am told almost evryday I look 18-19). I found the hairstyle when a hairdresser suggested it like 6-7 years ago, I still get my hair cut like that. It is nice cause you can still put it in almost every hairstyle, ponytails, pigtails, buns..... I have yet to find something I can't do.

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answers from Albany on

What I do with my step daughter is part her hair on the side and pull it back with a butterfly clip close to her temple or lower depending on length. Or her new thing is braids. Part it on whichever side, go back on the part 2-3 inches and do a mini french braid going down along the side of her face. Very cute and girly. Hope this helps



answers from Binghamton on

hi i am just responding to your request for help with your two year olds hair. talking from the aspect of a hair stylist, straight across bangs are still in there is a lot of people who still have their girls hair cut like that. the side part with the side bangs is cute but it is a pain to keep it over to the side without hairspray, i have the side bangs and they drive me nuts because they are constantly falling down in my face. hopefully that helped out if you have anything else dont hesitate to ask me.



answers from Albany on

I had hair-do dilemmas when my daughter was younger too. Whatever you do please, please make sure it is out of her face! If the only way to do that is with straight bangs, do it. My daughter still has straight bangs and she is almost 6! I think it looks adorable and, lets face it, young. They are young! You want something EASY, trust me. My sister-in-law has her daughters' hair long, all one length, and constantly in their makes me crazy! I wish you could post pics on here too, then you could see how ridiculous kids look with hair constantly in their faces. Just my thoughts...



answers from New London on

The kid is 2. Just do the straight bengs. when shes 5 and starting school worry abut the fancy stuff



answers from Scranton on

Do you mean the more modern hair-do's some of the teen-agers are wearing these days? No I think they are cute, go for it.



answers from Rochester on

hi, i have a 14 month old with a head of hair, i put her bangs up in a little ponytail on the top, everyone calls her pebbles,lol. i now this sounds odd, but i dont want to cut her hair yet so thats what i do. i dont think it sounds ridiculous to want your childrens hair to look nice. my 6 yr old has a shower 1st thing in the morning and then we do her hair whatever way she wants it done!! so dont feel odd or bad about how your kids look, they way i look at it is the way your kids look reflects on how you are as a person.



answers from Buffalo on

I'm not a bang person either. My daughters (almost 6 & just 4) both have no bangs chin/shoulder length hair. I was tempted to do bangs at times - but they are such a pain to grow out later. I wouldn't worry about a high forehead and keep it one length & when she is a little older try a more complicated style.

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