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Updated on January 10, 2009
J.W. asks from Austin, TX
4 answers

Does anyone color their own hair with the box. I was thinking of going from naturally blond to a darker reddish blond. Do the red come out looking fake? Any brands that are good?

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answers from Killeen on

I've been using at-home hair dye since I was about 12 =) my natural color is a light brown and I've dyed it different shades of brown and blonde and also reddish colors and even black LOL if you already have reddish tones in your hair and use some of the red colors, it can turn out a little orange-ish, I think that's mostly when you use the strawberry-blonde dyes. If you're uncertain on how it will look, dye a small section of hair in an inconspicuous place first. After you wash out the dye, use a hair dryer to dry the section of hair completely so you know what it will look like (remember the dye will fade slightly in the first couple days though)
I prefer the L'oreal brand dyes or Herbal Essences. They aren't too expensive, but will last longer than the really cheap brands
Hope this helps!



answers from Houston on

I don't color my own, but my stylist gives me tips on color all the time. I would suggest setting up a consultation with a stylist at a local salon and asking them for color suggestions.
Or try a local beauty supply store and ask one of their color consultants to help you with choosing the right color for your hair tones.
Red is a very tricky color as others have mentioned. You must be careful or the color will be orange or pink.
Good luck!! :)



answers from Houston on

I just used feria and was very happy. I am trying to save money this year so I had to use a box color. I' d go for it, but not go too drastic.



answers from Austin on

hey J.... i dont recomend it. in high shool i was a blonde and went to red and it was AWFUL!! it was almost like a reddish pink. however i do color it by the box sometimes, like a dark brown and that is fine, it always works out. but since youre doing red i wuld go to a pro.

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