Hair Burning When Pregnant

Updated on February 06, 2011
A.S. asks from Mesquite, TX
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I've styled my bangs for a long time with my straightener and have never had a problem with my hair burning. In fact, this particular style of straightener is not supposed to burn. However, ever since I got pregnant a few months ago my bangs started burning. I never cut my bangs but I noticed they were getting shorter and shorter and finally realized it was because they were burning. I can actually see singed spots on the ends of my bangs. Has burning of hair AFTER you got pregnant ever happened to anyone? I don't recall this happening with my other pregnancies.

Also, do you have any suggestions on what I can do to make my bangs healthy again and grow quickly and healthily? My bangs are now short and not even AT ALL. They look horrible. I have though about olive oil... but didn't know if that would help...?

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One of the stylists at Von Anthony Salon in Frisco shared this story about Kerastase hair products. (I read it on their blog.) I've used Kerastase on my own hair and it works great.

Ashley Berry
The styling aid Kerastase Resistance Substance Constructive - It's for dry, weakened, color treated hair. When I was in cosmetology school I sizzled my bangs due to bleach and flat ironing. I had never even heard of Kerastase at the time and my girlfriend brought me this life saving product. I used it religiously for about a week and with a slight trim my bang was completely back to normal. :)

Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

I'm a stylist and pregnancy can often dry out air and prenatal vitamins can alter your hair as well... one reason it's suggested not to color hair during pregnancy as the color doesn't always turn out right.

However, I have never heard of burning.

I am going to think it's possible your iron is malfunctioning. Also, are you using a thermal styling spray, like Paul Mitchel's Heat Seal? You really should to help protect burning hair in the future.

There is absolutely nothing in the whole world that will save singed hair. Deep moisturizers can help heal hair, but those singed ends will need to be cut off. I would recommend going and getting a deep moisturizer treatment, maybe even a nice color glaze and a little bang trim to help. Don't worry, your bangs will grow out soon.

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The only thing to repair the damage is getting your bangs trimmed to get the bad stuff off. If you don't, the strands will continue to frey.

Flat irons are supposed to be really hard on hair. It's very possible your hair has just had enough, is so dried out, that it's unable to withstand the intense heat.

I'd suggest not using it anymore. And if you do, there are products (leave in conditioners and such) that you can put on your hair before running the iron through it, to protect it from heat damage. Conditioning after washing will keep your hair more moisturized, but won't repair or prevent damage.

Don't quote me on it, but I don't think pregnancy has anything to do with the burning. However, preganancy can cause your hair to grow faster and thicker, and usually right after, you shed that extra hair like crazy. It's a hormone thing.

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Well, definitely get your hair trimmed. You need to cut the burnt parts off because they will just continue to break.

Now, this might sound weird, but you can put mayonnaise on your hair.
Slather it on, cover it with a plastic bag, put a clip on it to hold it in place and leave it for at least half an hour. As the may warms, the oils might drip a little so just dab it off.
Then, wash with a gentle cleansing shampoo.
Clarifying shampoos can be really harsh.
A hair dresser suggested that when I accidentally turned out with pink hair.
Repeatedly washing with clarifying shampoo did fade the color, but it was pretty harsh.

Try the mayo.
It's cheap. It will condition.
But, cut your hair first a bit because it won't repair completely burnt hair.

Try gently blowing your hair dry as opposed to straightening with the heat.

Best wishes.

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I've never heard of that. Are you sure it isn't that the appliance is malfunctioning and getting too hot?

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answers from Dallas on

I say buy a new hair straightening iron.

Or another idea, go with a new style and nix the bangs.



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There might be a problem with your straightener, so obviously check that first.
However during pregnancy nutritional requirements change. Make sure you are taking a good quality pre/post-natal multivitamin and multi-mineral. Meaning that it should contain B vitamins and at least iron.
Also, our cells need essential fatty acids (omega 3s for example), so if you aren't getting enough from your diet or from your supplements for you and baby, baby will dominate the consumption of this and you will be left lacking. This will cause dry skin, nails, and hair, increased likelihood of stretch marks, make your prone for chapped lips. If this is the case, I recommend getting on a good quality, plant based essential fatty acid supplement (like flaxseed oil capsules, for example).
If this is caused by a nutritional deficiency, I would recommend seeing a chiropractor who does nutritional counseling, or at least a female chiropractor...they are pretty knowledgeable about nutrition and pregnancy.
Health comes from the inside out!



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Well, there isn't anything to make your hair grow faster. Hair growth is controlled by hormones and what better time to have beautiful hair than when you are pregnant. I know, I am 27 weeks pregnant and my hair hasn't looked better! When I found out I was pregnant, my hair got very dry and it felt horrible. I bought this stuff by Pantene: Beautiful Lengths replenishing mask. I wash my hair at the beginning of my shower and put a little of this stuff in my hair, comb it through and leave it in while I shower. My hair is so soft, you can't believe it! It wasn't very expensive and I bought it at CVS. It has a pleasant smell. Our hair does strange things when we are pregnant. MY hair grows so fast and my hair is naturally curly/wavy and this curl gets intensified with pregnancy. I would lay off the straightener for a while until you can let your singed bangs to grow out long enough to trim off the burned ends otherwise you could make it worse.

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