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Updated on January 30, 2013
L.M. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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Hello - I had 2 moles removed on my back last Tuesday. I've been changing the bandages every morning. At night I remove the bandages , take a shower and then put new bandages with neosporin on in the morning. The dr said after the 1st few days if I was wearing something that didn't rub I could leave the bandages off for a while (on of them was on my bra line) .. So, that's why I leave them off at night after I shower. This is the 1st time I've had this done, one is a little bigger than the other. The bigger spot (size of a dime) is really sore. A little red, my boyfriend said it doesn't look infected or anything. The Dr said it could take 2 weeks to heal, so I am going to wait until next week to call if it's still sore. But, just wondering, in your experience, how long did this take to heal for you? It was a fairly simple procedure, they just numbed the spot, removed the mole and then burned it. I guess I was expecting it to heal faster :-) The mole wasn't as big as a dime, but I guess when she burned it , that's how big it got :-( it might be a tad smaller than a dime. It's very uncomfortable.

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answers from Springfield on

That sounds about right to me. My sore also covered a larger area than the mole did. It was really ugly, too. But it healed just fine.

Mine was on my toe, and I had it removed during the summer. I wore flip flops most of the time during the summer, so I didn't wear bandaid after the first couple of days.

I think you're bound to notice the soreness more than I did because of the location. I didn't have anything, really, to rub mine. If it's on your back, that's really hard to avoid.

Hang in there! It sounds like it's healing just fine, but it really is ok to call the doctor and ask. Might make you feel better.

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answers from Beaumont on

A spot as big as a dime would surely take a few weeks to heal. That's pretty big.

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answers from Washington DC on

I've had 2 removed in the past and I was told for the first week or two to keep it moist with aquaphor and a band aide on it. It needs to heal from the inside out. Otherwise it will heal on the outside but not the inside. I think after doing that, it took about a week or two to heal all the way. Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Mine was on the back of my neck and about half the size of a pencil eraser--maybe a quarter of O.. It was good to go about 10 seconds after it was off.
But a dime is pretty big, as skin surface area goes, so I would think it will take some time.

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answers from Denver on

I've had this done as well, seems like they are sore or at least tender for a good couple of weeks. Could be a little extra sore for you due to the size and also the location. Just keep doing what they told you and they will heal, just certainly slower than you'd like!

Good luck, you definitely deserve some extra sympathy from your boyfriend!

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answers from Seattle on

Yep, it takes 2 weeks. Please continue with the anti-biotic cream, like Neosporin. There is a Neosporin with pain killer, which would help take the edge off.

I'm wondering how clean your sheets are after sleeping all night with a slightly open wound? Were you supposed to expose the cut site so early? I would think you should have left all untouched for a few days, and then proceeded with your protocol. If you move a lot during sleep that might cause enough rubbing and irritation to keep it from healing faster.

GL!! I'm actually going into the surgeon's in a couple of weeks to have a large lypoma removed on my back, and he told me that the follow up appointment would be 2 weeks afterwards.

Also, people heal at different rates and different ages. Do you normally take a good week to heal from other surface wounds?

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answers from Columbus on

I had one off my back - the scar from it is rather large, but after they removed it and biopsied it it was precancerous, so she went back and removed more to make sure they had clean margins. So yes, they want to make sure they get all of it and the scar will be bigger than the mole. And it's sore for a while! I used waterproof bandages and after a while I had problems from my skin being covered all the time, but it was right on my bra line, so I couldn't keep it off for long. It is good to take breaks from the bandage when you can, but it does take longer than you think. Good luck.

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