Had 2 Hounds Had to Take Back One What Do I Tell the Kids

Updated on October 31, 2006
H.M. asks from Garland, TX
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we had 2 foxhounds and the price for both of them got out of hand and we had to take back one of them and now we are at a lost on what to tell the kids. they have lost an anilmal earlier this year and they lost their grandmother last year so when it comes to losing something or someone they all take it to heart. how and what do itell them for the reason of getting rid of one of them?? HELP!!

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So What Happened?

well when they all got home none of them noticed!! it took a couple of days and my daughter asked where the dog was we told her that she went back to the lady that wanted her and she is happier now and has a place to run and all is well!! thank you guys so much for the advice

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Be honest, kids understand a lot more than we give them credit for. "Pets cost a lot of money for their care, food, shots, etc. Our family has to spend our money as wisely as possible so everyone has what we need, food, clothes, a house to live in. By letting one go to a home that can give it everything it needs is the best thing to do - but we still have one we can love and take the best care of we can." Our children trust us more when we tell them the truth - :-)

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I agree, be honest with your little ones on a level they understand. They really are bright and can understand and appreciate what you tell them. This is a learning opportunity for them.



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I agree with Glenda W.

My nail lady told me that she told her 10 year old son that babies come out of your belly button. Wow!

please tell them the truth and let it be a life lesson for them. Hey, sometimes parents make mistakes and they need to know that you are big enough to admit it when that happens.

Find a loving way to discuss this with them and you will feel so much better about the whole thing.



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Good luck. Maybe tell them that one had to go to a new home, they really wanted him - it wasn't fair that you had two and that house didn't have a dog at all?

but I also wanted to add I LOVE foxhounds.

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