Gymnastics Clothes for 4 Year Old

Updated on June 12, 2012
J.S. asks from Kalamazoo, MI
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My daughter (4) is trying out gymnastics this summer. I think I'd lke to "properly" dress her in a leotard, but not sure where to find one! I quickly looked through Target, Kohl's and Amazon as I've seen ballet leotards there, but I don't think that's quite appropriate for gymnastics. Any ideas?

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answers from Jacksonville on

Ask at the gym where she'll be attending. When I enrolled my daughter in a class, the gym sold them right there at the facility. They also had a couple of websites they could refer you to, if I recall correctly.

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answers from Dallas on

I got a leotard at JCPennys for $7 and paired it with a pair of sports shorts from Academy for $6.99. Most kids at gymnastics have a leotard and shorts or a tshirt and shorts or a biketard.

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answers from Iowa City on

I found some at a kids second hand store we have in town. But I waited until my daughter had been going a couple months. She started out in shorts and a t-shirt. I'd make sure she likes it before I'd spend a lot of money. Those leos are pricey!

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Our place sells them, for way too much. Ive found them at old navy, jc penney, meijer. You can get the ballet ones and just dont buy the skirt part that goes to it. You can even just get a one piece bathing suit.

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answers from Boston on

Hi! If she is just doing a summer thing she can just wear a t shirt and jersey (stretchy) shorts. A gymnastics outfit is a leotard with shorts. Like this:
She doesn't need tights and I recall the girls wearing regular dance leos spending a lot of time pulling at their crotch. Most any dance shop should have then, even your gym might, ours did.I hope she has fun!

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answers from Champaign on

A ballet leotard would be just fine. A t-shirt and shorts should be, as well. Since this is her first class, I wouldn't spend too much money. Just make sure she's comfortable and can move.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi, I work in the clothing store of a dance studio and gymnastics business. I will tell you that it is often the case where I have to insist that parents try the leo's onto their children.

I have 2 that I use to demonstrate with , they are both the same brand but different styles. One is nearly 4 inch's longer than the other one.

That said. Please don't put underwear under a leo. It is very uncomfortable and it looks really bad. If you can't stand her not having underwear on them get a biketard or some shorts to wear over a regular leo.
Here are your basic options for kids wear for gymnastics.

This is a biketard. It is like shorts but in a leotard.

This is the same thing but cut to be a leotard.

This is a leotard with shorts over it.

There are many many places to buy them online. I will add some links to ones we have that we sell in the store. They will have you measure her in certain areas and then you order that size.

This is where we get them and we sell them for the suggested prices. The shipping and handling is usually not much out of context. We have ordered stuff and received it the same week often from these companies. They will tell you if it will take longer.

We carry a lot of GK brand leo's. A lot of my granddaughters are this brand. They are a general type that last a long long time. They are good basic styles that will wash and dry very well. I think some of ours are on their 4th and 5th kids. I buy them at resale shops sometimes and then we tend to find one or two littler kids taking classes than can use the help and we hand down our stuff as it gets too little. Leo's, shorts, sets, tap shoes and ballet shoes, everything can be handed down.

If you can find a store in your area that carries them I would surely go try some on. They have most Olympic champions sportswear too. Some of the Shawn Johnson leo's are spectacular.

Here is a link to Body Wrappers. They are so pretty and girly. They do last a long time too.

They do have some basic ones that would do very well for gymnastics.

I think some of them do run a bit small so be sure to measure her correctly if you order online.

We have almost every color in these shorts because they can be worn under dresses and they are slick so they act like slips. She wears them almost every day and they wash and dry very well. When she out grows them they are handed down.

The v-front Lycra/spandex shorts run a bit small in my opinion.

Snowflake is our most expensive brand. Most of them run over $50 but the are super thick and very very very well made.

We carry almost every one of the cute sleeveless ones.

The 3rd one, the black with the light pink butterfly is gorgeous. I love it and can't wait for my friends daughter to outgrow hers so my granddaughter gets it.

This black one is so beautiful. I am saving up to get it for my granddaughter.

The jungle boogie pattern is my favorite, we have all of it in different pieces, shorts, tops, leo's, 2 piece set, I love that she can put any color of shorts over it and they match.

Dancewear solutions has tons of leo's in a variety of sizes. We don't order from here but the do have some good prices.

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answers from Portland on

All they need is loose fitting pants or shorts and a t-shirt. My granddaughter took tumbling one summer as a preschooler and that is all any of the kids wore. Your daughter could wear tights and a t-shirt. The kids tucked the t-shirt into their pants when it kept falling down around their necks.

There really is no such thing as proper clothes for gymnastics or any of that sort of exercise. There is a whole new business designing and selling exercise wear for adults. I haven't seen any for children.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have always bought my daughter the leotard that has the short like leg for tumbling. (I hope that makes sense.) There is nothing worse then underwear hanging out of a regular leotard or having to constantly adjust.

I have had great success at finding them at Gabriel Brothers. They sell last year's Target leotard for about $7.

My other suggestion would be a thrift store but they can be hit or miss.

On the otherhand most of the girls in her class wear shorts and a tank. You just have to watch that the top isn't too loose fitting or else it will flip up when they are doing their moves...

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