Gymboree Play and Music, Kindermusik, My Gym, or the Little Gym

Updated on December 24, 2006
S.D. asks from McKinney, TX
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I'm interested in enrolling my 13-month-old son (and me) in a once-a-week class somewhere so that he can get more toddler interaction than just the occasional playdate or Sunday church nursery time. He LOVES music and moving/dancing to music, and he's very curious and really interested in everything. I would like feedback from moms who have participated in programs at any of these places as to how they liked them and which place they would recommend. The Winter semester will start shortly after the first of the year, and I'm running out of time to visit lots of places to check out their classes. I'm looking at classes in the McKinney, Allen, Plano, or Frisco area only.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We've taken classes at both Gymboree in Frisco and The Little Gym in Plano and McKinney. I highly recommend both. We did Gymboree's sibling class when my boys were 1 and almost 3. Then we switched to The Little Gym so my 3yo could take classes on his own.

Gymboree was the only place that had sibling classes. The other nice thing about Gymboree is that you can attend as many classes per week as you like. Most of the other places will charge more for more than one class per week.

We've been with The Little Gym since June 2005 and have been very happy with it too, although I don't have any experience with their Mommy & Me classes. My oldest has taken gymnastics, sports skills and karate there and my youngest will be starting gymnastics there in January.

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answers from Dallas on

It sounds like Gymboree is a big favorite. I have taken my son to Kindermusik since he was 7 months and he is now just over two. He LOVES it, we both do!! It incorporates music with movement, exploration, literature, singing, dancing and interaction with mommy and other kids. Each session is themed and comes with awesome take home materials which include a music CD, a book or two, interactive suggestions for practicing concepts at home and some type of at home learning material, (like a poster of birds, for example).
My son is very high energy and I thought that as he got older I would need to switch to a gym type activity, but it has not been necessary. The classes really grow with them and meet developmental needs.
We take classes from Sheila and I highly recommend her. She has done this for 20 years, her own children are graduates of the curriculum and she is so good with the kids. Her Plano classes are taught at the Ivy International school at Alma/Parker.
Please call me if you want more information ###-###-####.



answers from Dallas on

Well, we live in McKinney and go to Tumblebugs. It's at Hardin and Eldorado next to Tom Thumb. It's a gymnastics place and they do have some music time, but it's more focused on gymnastics. I have attended many My Gym and Gymboree classes as a nanny and enjoyed them. When I became a mom, though, I realized we couldn't afford those places. Tumblebugs starts out at $40/month and you pay month-month. (By "starts out" I mean, at 12-18 months it was $40, now it's $55/month because my son is 2yo). You can join anytime. I like that they do a lot of real gymnastic (balance beam, high bars, etc.). The other places are more about play and singing. You may prefer them, but thought I'd let other moms know about Tumblebugs. You can check them out at



answers from Dallas on

I have not been since my 2nd daughter-- but my oldest daughter and I LOVED Gymboree in Plano! My girls were 17 months apart and it was too hard to take her with an infant. (Gymboree was very willing, but one morning she was crying in the stroller & I could not hear her and that was it for me.) We went from about 10-18 months and thought it was wonderful! They have a sibling class I would love to do but have not had the cash to try it out with my girls. Good luck! Let us know what you think of your decision once you get started!



answers from Dallas on

My son is 13 months and he loves going to Gymboree in Frisco. I enrolled him in their music class, and he has a ball. They are encouraged to play with music instruments, sing along to songs, they are taught to anticipate certain verses or lines in songs where they do something special with the instrument or clap etc. They also do bubbles, and so much more. I reccomend it.
Good Luck with your decision.



answers from Nashville on

My son and I LOVE My Gym. When he was 20 months old we started going on Saturdays while I was still teaching high school. Now that I work from home we go to the Thursday morning class. He is 3 now and tells EVERYONE about his class! He loves it! The classes really "grow" with the kids!



answers from Dallas on

We have done My Gym, Little Gym and Kindermusik, and by far my son liked My Gym, especially when he was little.

The reason he liked it better is because it had a good mix of free play and structured play to keep him interested in what was going on.



answers from Dallas on

We love The Little Gym. We have been going for a long time. It is a great combination of music, exploration, gymnastics, bubbles, balls, etc etc. I would definitely recommend them!!!



answers from Albuquerque on

Hi S.! I highly recommend the Gymboree Play and Music Program in Frisco. It's awesome! The owner Carole Watters is a total sweetheart, and so good with the kiddos. I highly recommend Patty Meyer for your teacher too. My son Blake had her and loved her. Blake was in Gymboree classes from 6 months to 2 years. It was awesome for him! If you're interested, I can give you specific contact info, but they're located off of Main St. in Frisco near Preston Rd. You can learn more at Hope this helps!
Take care,

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