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Updated on July 12, 2007
H.J. asks from Northbrook, IL
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I'm wondering who has gone to classes at Gymboree and what you think of them. I'm also wondering if there are alternatives. I don't want to just jump into Gymboree because it's the only place I know of. I'm in Northbrook, so something in the suburbs would be preferable. I already do a baby & me yoga class in the city once a week.

Thanks a lot.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi H.. We're in NB too.

I was anti Gymboree for the longest time. Now I love it. The instructors there are really great - Jodi, Allison, Rose. We even had dd's 2nd bday party there and it was amazing!

Gymboree's great b/c while you're taking a class (in terms of timeframe) you can go there for open gym, which is 4 days a week. During open gym you just play with all the toys and equipment in a come and go fashion. That totally makes the classes economical. They also have unlimited makeups. I've missed soooo many classes w/ dd and we just schedule them for other dates.

Email me for more info if you want. I've taken all the classes w/ dd. If we refer people we get bonus weeks (3) and I think you might too. If you join, would you mind using my name? I'd have to give it to you via email.

Currently they have extra weeks for whatever week amount session you sign up for. We always do the 20 weeks b/c it's cheaper. Now pay for 20 and get 24. Don't remember how many extra weeks are for the other time amounts.

We also have done Kindermusik for a few sessions in Deerfield. We liked it but wanted to cut back on our expenses. Gymboree though, b/c of open gym, is our 1st choice to keep.



answers from Chicago on

I find it expensive, unless you're really going to make use of the open gym time.

My husband and I took our son to a free class to try it out and we(the adults) didn't like it. My son was kind of freaked out by all of the new people and stimulation, but I'm sure he would have liked it if we continued to go. I found it pretty cheesy, overstimulating and very corporate feeling. In the middle of the class, there's a song about "Gymbo" the clown. I found it kind of nauseating. That said, I think it woudl be fun for kids, but I couldn't stomach it.

I like Kindermusik and Wiggleworms much better.



answers from Houston on

I've heard really good things about Little Gym, but since I am working, I have little experience with it first-hand.



answers from Chicago on

The Little Gym is great and they have a location right in Northbrook. They do offer trials and if you know anyone that goes there, I believe this week is "bring a friend week" anyway so you can tag along. I'm not sure if it is exactly the same as the city location but the reason my daughter started going there is because they do have weekend and late classes during the week. The cutest thing is when they have the medal ceremony at the end of the season. Camera worthy.



answers from Chicago on

I've gone to one of their free classes with my 2 year old twins and it was fun! Instructors were great and friendly. Activities were age appropriate. Not sure if it's worth the almost $20 per class.



answers from Chicago on

A bit off the subject but I was wondering where you go for the baby and me yoga classes? I live in the city and was thinking about taking a class with my newborn.




answers from Chicago on

I go to the Gymboree in Old Orchard Mall, but like the others said there is one in NB. I've been taking my little peanut there since she was 8 mos old. We love it. The teacher is great; it's full of music, songs, and fun activities to do. They do activities geared towards the age your child is. I go to the Family Gymboree, only because the teacher is phenomenal. Highly recommended.

Gymboree also offers Baby Signs class and Gymboree music classes. All are great.

I also heard of My Gym, and that's definately a place you DONT want to go. At least until your son is 3-4 yrs old. It's mainly gymnastics and gym-centered things rather than songs and dance.

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