Gym Birthday Ideas

Updated on December 25, 2007
L.T. asks from Mountain View, CA
14 answers

I'm doing a birthday party for my daughter (turning 3) at a local gym. Somebody can recomend some nice goody bags...i just want something diferent. Thank you

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answers from San Francisco on

Bird seed to feed the birds in little bags... felted wool balls to throw around (you can make you own, pretty cheaply)... finger puppets (also easy to make)...

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answers from San Francisco on

I always try to buy things that are useful. Good ideas: flash cards, crayons, baskin robbins gift certificates, etc. Normally the goodie bags with candy and junk get tossed.



answers from San Francisco on

Need a little more info...How much are you budgeting for them, how much time do you have? I always like to try to match the favor with the party theme. With hard themes like gym, I always incorporate a color or character within. So maybe I would have an "animal" or "pink" gym party. Then the plates and etc could be in animal print. Although 3 is pretty young, it doesn't have to be a bag of candy and small toys. I think you need to keep it simple, how about a water to go bottle, or tumbling music cd, picture book about gymnastics, or a gertie or large boucy ball. Have fun!



answers from San Francisco on

Costco, Target and other places have these cups with straws with lids with Dora or ???. These are good for giving the little ones their drink in and they take the cup home and reuse it, plus remember what a nice time they had at the party they got the cup from. You can write each childs name on it with a marker, so they don't get mixed up.



answers from San Francisco on

These are great this time of year for the kids to use indoors when the weather is too cold:

You could pair that up with those little cans of playdough and a mini rolling pin. That would be a great gift bag. You could even make your own playdough with your daughter, and bag it in zip lock baggies!

Have fun!




answers from San Francisco on

For gift bag idea's you can do: purchase M&M with your child's name on it, and include a "happy birthday message"
Take your Child's picture and scan it onto a sticker and place the sticker on front of a bag and have a personalized gift bag, or you can take an ice cream cone and dip the outer rip in chocolate and dip the cone in sprinkles, fill the ice cream cone with candy and/or toys, than cover the cones in clear wrap and tie a ribbon around the cone to secure the items in the bag. Hope this helps!



answers from Stockton on

maybe some jumpropes, and healthy snacks:
*fruit snacks(sports?)
*sports drink...caprisuns, gatorade
*water bottle...take off the tag and make your own!
i hope these are useful!



answers from Fresno on


How about healthy (or healthier) snacks, try your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Also some active toys like jump ropes. Also kids love brightly colored sippy cups and they could take those to the kids room at the gym while Mom and Dad are working out.




answers from Modesto on

Go to the dolar store and get all kids of goddies!!!
Then get a pinata (party store has lots) that does not need a pull collored strings till you find the one that opens it...have the children get in line and choose a string and pull to check their luck...until it opens and all candy falls...give them a baggy to put their goodies!!!! They love it and have fun filling their bags with candy and goddies!!! Love, G.. :0)



answers from San Francisco on

I used Oriental Trading for my 3 year old gift bags. I was able to purchase mini flashlights, glow sticks, sets of crayons, activity pads, stickers, stamps, and bags for a crowd of 24 all for $60. Sweet prices and lots of themes. It took about two weeks for everything to arrive, so order early if you go this route.



answers from Salinas on

The best gift bag that my kids ever received as a single beanie baby alligator -- nothing else, just the alligator. Every other thing from a gift bag has been lost, broken or thrown out but we still have that alligator.

Since that alligator was such a hit with my kids, I've used the single large gift in liu of gift bag for over 10 years now. Moms love it; kids love it.

Try it -- but get them all the same (all alligators not 1 alligator, 1 frog, 1 duck, etc). If they are not the same, I guarentee one kid will want what another has and the other won't give it up.

Maybe a Dora the Explorer toy? Gift certificate for Blockbuster?

Oh -- and if you are really organized, attach your thank you note to the gift. Mine always said something like: "Thanks for coming to my party! I can't wait to play with your gift! Like you, I'm sure it's fantastic!"




answers from Visalia on

items for a goody bag: jump rope, water bottles, pedometer, (all these probably can find at Dollar Tree or wal-mart and target). Maybe wrist sweat bands. Hope the ideas help. Maybe little duffel bags for the goody bag.



answers from Sacramento on

what about flower pots with diffrent types of flower seeds for them to plant when they get home!



answers from San Francisco on

Small jigsaw puzzles (more of a goodie box)?

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