Guitar Playing Mamas, I Need Some Suggestions

Updated on December 14, 2009
S.A. asks from Holland, MI
4 answers

Hey mamas! my eight year old wants to learn to play the guitar (among half a dozen other things, lol)...anyhow, we just moved to the Lakewood area and I have no idea where to even begin! Can anyone out there recommend an affordable person/place that offers lessons AND send me some suggestions on what kind of guitar to purchase! I don't want to invest tons of $$ until I know that she's serious about this (she's eight and she changes her mind everyday about what she wants to do...I'd love to allow her to explore a few activities w/o breaking the budget). I saw smaller sized accoustics at target (in the electronics section...not the toy ones), for those of you guitar players out there, could one start with one of those? or is that a faux pas?

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I know a great teacher, but he is in Terrell...

Go ahead and get that guitar from Target. You are right - you don't know if she is going to stick with it - so don't go out and buy an expensive one. Maybe she will really like playing guitar, and steady practice will be an incentive to get a "real" guitar and amp!

My son started on one of those little cheapo's from Walmart... he is now a wonderful musician, booking gigs around the metroplex. (With better guitars! :))



answers from Dallas on

I don't know how much the guitar at Target is, but we bought my son a great beginner guitar at Zoo Music for only $60. My husband plays the guitar and he thought it was a really good one for the price. They came in several different colors - my son got a blue one. If she has really small hands, then try to get a smaller guitar. I took guitar lessons when I was young and I have small hands even now. I was very frustrated because I could not reach the chords. You might also ask about guitar lessons at a local music store. My husband is teaching my son, so I don't have anyone to recommend.



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My daughter just turned 9 and wants to try to teach herself guitar, so I asked her piano teacher what he recommends (he teaches guitar too). He said for her age, she'd need a 1/2 size acoustic guitar with nylon strings because it doesn't cut into their fingers like the steel ones do. All the ones I found at Target and Walmart were steel stringed, so I did some searching and found one at Guitar Center with nylon strings for $50. She's getting it for Christmas, so she hasn't actually used it yet.



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My daughter took from Clare Greer in Lake Highlands and we found her through Childbloom, which is a method of teaching guitar. They have a website,, which you can access to find a teacher. Anyway, she strongly recommended nylon strings for children. The Lakewood Advocate also has ads in the back for music lessons, including guitar. (It's a neighborhood magazine (monthly) that usually gets delivered to your door.). They have a website too which you could probably find by googling.

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