Guitar for Almost 6 Year Old?

Updated on October 24, 2013
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

My oldest wants a purple guitar. She will be 6 in March, but she is in the 90% for height. Will she be big enough for a children's guitar?

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answers from Houston on

A good music store can help. For most kids the child sized guitars work.

My husband helps our nearly three year old play his ukulele since those instruments are naturally smaller in scale. For his age he is average size to give you a frame of reference. Not all ukuleles sound twangy by the way. A mandolin is also something my husband lets him play on. There are many stringed guitar like options. Good luck.

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answers from Reading on

We started with guitars from Target at around that age. The kids loved them, played them all the time, and could bang them up with no trouble. And my kids are really small and the guitars were a good size for them. My daughter has moved on to violin and piano, so I won't be getting her a more advanced guitar, but my son loves it and wants to keep playing, so we'll be getting him a "real" guitar. But the target one held up well and helped us know what he wanted. And they come in purple.

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answers from San Francisco on

Check with a local music store (or guitar teacher, if she has one.) They come in different sizes and the quality varies a LOT, it's best to get a musician's opinion!
We rented first. I wanted to make sure it was something my daughter was serious about. We got a really nice guitar and amp for three months and only paid about a third of what it would have cost to buy the set used. Totally worth it, especially since by the end of the three months she was done with that and ready to move on to something else :-)

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answers from Honolulu on

Go to a music store.
Talk to the "experts" there.
There are kid sized guitars.
But having a purple one, well that is not common.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

my oldest daughter went thru the guitar faze around 14 I think and she is small for her age. Believe it or not I found a perfect sized one at kohls of all places. Idk if they still carry them but deff. worth checking into. When I signed her up for lessons the instructor was impressed with how nice it was. And I know it was under 80$ Good Luck. You can also try buying a used one at a local music store or even try the high school band director.



answers from Denver on

You'll certainly be able to find a guitar in the right size. Not sure if you'll be able to find an actual (not plastic toy) guitar in the right size that's purple, however....

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