Group Strep B

Updated on April 23, 2008
S.K. asks from Cypress, CA
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Hello! One more question.....did anyone test positive for Strep B? Did you have natural or c section? If anyone had natural or c section how did it go?

THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE (Ahead of time :o) )

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had tested positive for Group Strep B and had my son naturally. Just make sure to get to the hospital as soon as you start going into labor, so you have enough time to get the two doses of the medication. I was induced so I soon as they started my medication for my induction they also started the medication for my Group Strep B.
Also it is very common and can go away at any time. My cousin was positive with the birth of one of her children and a year later with her next child she was negative. I hope this helps!!!! ^_^



answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with Caty! They say it is very common. They put the meds. in the IV and you don't even have to think about it. I would tell them as soon as you get to the hospital. I would not wait for them to check your chart.

I started my delivery natural and then had an emergency C-section. I had no problems with any of it.

Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I tested positive with Strep B...had both my kids naturally. It really isn't a big deal- they give you 2 doses (if you have time) of penicillin through IV before having the baby. As long as they get the 2 doses in, there is nothing to worry about. The worst part is that is stings when the penicillin goes in through the IV.



answers from Los Angeles on

there is no reason you would need a section for being GBS +, none at all. many many women over colonize. i had it and had only one of the bags of penicillin and we were just fine.

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