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Updated on June 21, 2007
D. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I am interested in finding a group for mom's that meets in the evenings or on the weekends. I have looked at MOPs but I can't seem to find a meeting near my home that meets when I am available. I would like to meet moms near me that have young children, as most of my friends with children live in other suburbs of Dallas.

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answers from Dallas on

I belong to Mothers & More (greater Lewisville Chapter)
check it out-
we have tons of events from Field Trip Fridays, Seasoned Moms Meetings, Couples nights, Buncko, Book Club, playgroups and more.
We have members from all over the area.
Good luck to you!

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I 2nd laua, The group is great!



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We would love to have you join us!! Give our Welcoming Coordinator, Laura, a call or email and she can get you started! We have a few members that come over from Carrollton, the drive isnt that bad. Below is a blub from our ad with all the details for finding us.


It's easy to join, just call our Welcoming Coordinator, for meeting times/locations or a current schedule of events at ###-###-#### or visit



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Another option if you are still looking would be something that has blessed my life and my family to no end! No joke!

I would love to offer you an opportunity you may have never considered before. I'm a Mary Kay consultant and LOVE what I do. Not too many people out there can honestly say they LOVE their job... I know you aren't looking for a job, but Mary Kay is so much more then just selling Lip Stick!

For so many women in our unit it is simply a great way to meet other sharp women out there. Several of which have children just like you! I would love to introduce you to our ultimate women's club if you'd like! Whether you decide to join the ranks and make money while you are at it is up to you! But I'd love to have you as a guest to one of our events! You'll meet several new women, be pampered with the number one brand, and who knows, maybe decide to join for the sisterhood itself.

It also is a great outlet for mom's too! I know it is for me! In fact I looked forward to our meeting last night all week long. Its kind of what kept me going this week... I have a two year old that takes a lot of my time and energy but Mary Kay is a great thing for me, and an amazing thing for my daughter! Growing up Pink is what we call children in a Mary Kay home and they are children of integrity!

I'd love to share tons more with you, please give it an open minded thought and let me know what you think! Either way I'd love to treat you to a make-over with NO obligations! :o)

Thanks! All the best!



answers from Dallas on

Hi D.,

Here's two groups you can check out:

Carrollton early childhood PTA:
Mothers and More:

Mothers and More might be more of what you're looking for...looks like they might have more evening activities.

:-) H.

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