Group B Strep in Pregnancy

Updated on October 25, 2012
L.K. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Has anyone been tested positive for group B strep in pregnancy and got treatment during labor? Or refused treatment? I was tested last week at 36 weeks and was negative but my dr told me i was positive earlier in the pregnancy and wants me to get antibiotics while in labor anyway. I was hoping to avoid ihaving an IV in labor..

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So What Happened?

I've asked for other moms experiences in this not for people to knock me down and call me selfish. I am thinking about my child that is why I don't just want to get on meds. Antibiotics effect milk supply and cause thrush not to mention kill all bacteria good one too! I am currently negative for gsb as well and i did research which shows that the chances of the baby getting it are super low less than 1% and that is from carrier mother which I am not now. Not to mention antibiotics do nothing in prevention of late onset gsb noone knows the cause of that. So research first before calling names.

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I have worked in Neonatal ICUs. You are ignorant if you don't get an antibiotic. And I rarely tell people that.

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Are you willing to risk the life of your baby because you do not want an IV?
Maybe you need a reality check and read about what Strep B can do. I have a friend who had it (long before omen were tested) and her child almost died and is now mentally challenged. Think long and hard!

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I tested positive with both boys and got antibiotics both times. Even not having either naturally the said I needed to have it when I had my youngest. That is something I defiantly would not refuse. Yes there are some times that there is not time and they will deal with that if it comes up but there is no need to take chances if it's not necessarily.

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I was tested + my 3rd pregnancy I went into labor too quick to receive the full treatment before delivery so they rushed my bag of antibiotics before I delivered baby was fine.I have had 4 natural l&d's & all of them I was given an IV ,all hospital births.I guess you can refuse an IV but what if you needed something asap they wouldn't be able to administer it to you w/out IV

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I had to have an IV during labor with my first, and did not test positive for Strep B. It's to keep the mom hydrated and push any medicines that are necessary during the entire process.

Don't put your baby at risk, get the meds.

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I tested positive at 36 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks (per my request). I was nervous about it, that they baby would come before I got the medicine, but the dr. and nurses were all 'we do this all the time'. No worries. They will give you an IV regardless of any medicines so that if you need medicines, fluids, emergency c-section, you'll already have a line in.

Anyway, they didn't give me the antibiotics until after they broke my water and then it was only a short time after that (maybe 2-3 hours) that my baby was born, so it wasn't like they had me on medicines for 12 hours.

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I tested positive with all 3 of my kids. My 3rd was born within 12 minutes of getting in my room so there was no time for the antibiotic. The doctor said since my daughter wasn't in the birth canal that long there was no risk of her getting an infection.
I was treated with IV antibiotic with my other 2 kids.
My SIL did not have the full antibiotic treatment before she delivered so the hospital kept her baby an extra day to make sure he was OK. I would just get the IV. If you really don't want to could you ask to be retested one more time and if that too is negative then refuse the antibiotic?

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Hi Mama

I tested positive and had IV during labour.
It was fine because it gave me the peace of mind that my baby wouldn't be put on an IV as soon as she was born.
All the best of luck with your pending birth.

B. k

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answers from Honolulu on

I had it w/my dtr 2 yrs ago. I didn't research about it, I had the meds- I was like ok if it'll protect the baby go for it. I'm also o- to top it off!! so shots & needles bacame my frenemie. This did not mess with my milk at all I had lots & looked into milk banks because I had too much milk.

There's no right or wrong answer & I'm sorry if you received bad comments (didn't read but saw your follow up comment). I'm one month & one week pregnant I hope this time around I'm okay!!

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I had an IV during labor and it was fine. It was the least of my worries and I was able to take it on the road when I walked the halls.

Because of the strep, they said to come in when my water broke and not wait too long. I would discuss with your OB your options if you don't want an IV. I was told that being + is very common and it's better to know than not know. DD is quite healthy.

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I tested positive but my daughter was born before the nurse could administer the meds. I too was hoping to avoid the iv and asked for a pill form. My doctor originally said no because your digestion slows during labor and it may not be effective in time. But when I got to the hospital she had already ordered the pill form but like I said, my little girl couldn't wait! We stayed in the hospital for an extra 24 hours so that she could be monitored. I wouldn't have knowingly put her at risk but not having an iv was glorious! I think I had the least amount of medical intervention possible while being in the hospital! Now lets hope that number 3 goes as smoothly! Best of luck to you and don't be afraid to ask questions of the doctor if something is really important to you!

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answers from Raleigh on

I had both- strep and the antibiotic iv. The potential risks are scary and serious if you pass GBS to your newborn. Did you doctor talk to you about that as well? I personally didn't want to take any chance with my baby.

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My friend tested positive during labor and didn't have time for antibotics. The baby was born with a UTI but was fine other wise. She said if she had known sooner she would have had the antibiotics because she didn't want him to suffer.



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A dear woman on this site wrote in about her nightmare with group B strep because one of the moms on here was screaming at us for our concern over homebirth with group B strep. This poor lady's experience was SOBERING. (If I knew where the thread was, I would reference it for you.)

You should not try to avoid an IV. You really shouldn't. Please don't put your child or yourself in danger. It isn't worth it.




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I had it and was treated for it in labor. I consider myself lucky that I got to the hospital in time for both IVs to treat it. My son was born healthy with no complications from either the IVs or the Group strep B.
An IV doesn't prevent you from having a natural childbirth in a hospital. It certainly does nothing to dull the pain.



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I was GBS positive at 34 weeks. My water broke before labor started, so I went to the hospital, got an infusion of antibiotics (took about 30 minutes) and went back home to labor there. They left the needle in place (I went home with it). I wanted to labor at home, no one had an issue with it.

After labor had gotten into full swing I went back to the hospital, but I had no need for IV fluids, so I was never hooked back up - it was just there "in case" and didn't bother me at all.

From my experience what you need is a supportive provider (I had a midwife) and then just TELL the hospital staff what you want and what not. I did not have a problem telling the nurse what our wishes were (when they where different from their routine) and no one ever gave me any grief.
My DD was born at 6 in the morning and we went home at 8 PM that day. We were properly discharged, not AMA... that was what we wanted. And even though it was not the "routine" way to do it, everyone was happy to accommodate our wishes.



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I may be out of the current treatment plan, but according to my midwives if you don't get the antibiotic in time via IV, the doctor/hospital give it to your child if you are Strep B positive. Check with them to be sure as practices change with knowledge.

I tested positive with my first and negative with my second. I was fortunate to have gotten to the hospital in time for them to push the antibiotics through my IV. I did have a natural (no drug intervention) child birth using midwives with both my kiddos,but the saline IV was pretty standard:) I'd speak to your healthcare provider and ask them the treatment process if you refuse antibiotics and/or IV. can't hurt to figure out what your options are.
good luck that baby is right around the corner:)

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