Group B Strep in 7 Year Old???

Updated on March 03, 2012
A.L. asks from Houston, TX
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My 7yo was diagnosed with a yeast infection and when the creams didn't work I took her for a second opinion. The pediatrician actually did a culture and they just called and said that she tested positive for Group B strep. All the information that I'm reading up on says that it usually only affects pregnant women and newborns. I'm wondering how in the world she could have gotten this? I did have an infection when I gave birth and her and I both had to be treated with antibiotics at the time, but I'm not sure if this was what I had. But why would she have this at 7 years old? Thanks for any help!

One more thing, she had a hernia repair in October and since then it seems that her immune system has been down. The doctor did mention that surgeries cause major stress and that will cause her immune system to be down.

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So What Happened?

Well, she finished her 10-day course of antibiotics. The rash cleared up completely, but she still had a little bit of itching. Two days after she finished the antibiotics the rash and itching came back. So, off to the pediatrician again for a follow up and then maybe to an Infectious Disease doctor. I feel so bad because she has to deal with the itching while she's in school.

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every woman child has it their entire life on and off! The only time it is of an issue is when a woman is pregnant and give birth vaginally! Otherwise not an issue at all

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All women carry Group B Strep in their vaginas, according to my doctor. The only time it is an issue is when the amount is high enough in a pregnant woman to cause issues with her baby. I can see that a decreased immune system can cause it to go crazy. What did your pediatrician recommend to treat it, if anything?



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Yes, to what busymom said. It's not weird to have it. Usually you are only tested for it during pregnancy, because without proper treatment it could cause complications for a newborn.
I would also look into a good probiotic. This can help build her immune system back up. Cod liver oil is also a good immune system builder.



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it could be from the surgery weakening her immune system. our bodies carry this illness but is not always active.



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Group B strep is everywhere. But, it only attacks those that have a compromised immune system (which you say your daughter has after her recent surgery).
Treat it and give her time to get her immune system kicking again. Make sure she has excellent nutrition, probiotics, immune boosting foods, etc.
Good Luck!

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