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Updated on February 16, 2007
M.F. asks from Joliet, IL
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My strep test came back positive and I have three weeks left until my due date. My doctor didn't suggest being induced, even though antibiotics during labor is the best way to prevent it being past to the baby. Should I suggest being induced, does anyone have any suggestions or comments about their experience delivering as a positive carrier of group B strep? My thought on being induced is that there would be ample time for the antibiotic to be given, incase the labor and delivery is quick, which runs in the family.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I was GBS+ with my 8 week old son. I am also a RN on the postpartum unit and see it all the time. You do not need to be induced for that reason. It would be best to get atleast 2 doses of antibioitics that are finished 2-4 hours before delivery. If you don't have time we just keep a close eye on the baby for any temperature or other problems. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Hello M.!

I too was diagnosed with Group B, and was administered an antibiotic through IV during my hospital stay when I went in with contractions. I was also almost 3 weeks early with my child who is as healthy as can be. I also had a lot of the same concerns about passing it on to the baby. There was no need to be induced, but you should talk about your concerns with your OB or their nurse.



answers from Chicago on

Hi M.,

I had Group B Strep with my daughter. I did end up being induced but I don't think that was why they induced me. I think you can go into labor normally and they'll just put an IV in while your in normal labor. I am pregnant with my second child and I refuse to be induced again unless it's absolutely medically necessary. It was HORRIBLE. I'm sure everyone has different experiences but I for one pray this time around I can go naturally. One thing to keep in mind.....when I was checked in for the induction they first put the antibiotic IV in and it was penicillian. I have always taken penicillan antibiotics and never had a problem but had never had it through an IV. I immediately began having a severe allergic reaction. My body swelled, itched, I began to vomit and the baby's heart rate began to drop. They quickly administered Benadryl in my IV to combat the reaction and decided not to continue with the antibiotic IV. I now have to notify my doctors that I'm allergic to Penicillian. I did have to stay in the hospital with my daughter an extra day while they monitored her for the infection but she was fine and we went home with no complications. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I tested positive around the same time you did. I was not induced, nor did my Dr suggest it. Maybe cause it was my first child and she figured if I did go into labor on my own I would have plenty of time for the antibiotics. Which I did. You are having weekly appointments now so maybe that is why they did not suggest it. If you are concerned give the office a call and see why they did not talk to you about it.


answers from Chicago on

Testing positive for Group B Strep happens in 30% of pregnant women. I don't see why being induced will make any difference. I believe that let your baby come when he/she is ready. You'll need to have an IV when you go into labor. I tested positive for it and had no problems whatsoever and neither did my twins.

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