Ground Beef Vs. Ground Turkey

Updated on January 25, 2010
J.S. asks from Hudson, OH
11 answers

I am hoping to find someone educated in Nutrition!
If you buy 93% Lean Ground Beef vs. 93% Lean Ground Turkey, is the turkey still better for you even though they are both 7% fat?
If so, why? Is it lower in cholesterol, a better fat, or what?
I have recently switched to ground turkey and noticed today that it has the same percentage of fat as the beef I was buying, so I am wondering if it is worth the sacrifice in taste.
Trying to make some educated cooking and eating decisions! Thanks for your help.

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answers from Columbus on

Which ever you choose, I personally would make sure it was organic. If you don't you could be feeding your child growth hormone, antibiotics, and GE corn (what the animals eat.) Also, if you buy from someone like Trader Joe's you can find the kind without nitrates (cancer causing preservative.) If you can't do that then I would suggest the turkey would be the least contaminated. I have been studying nutrition and food contamination for years, but this is still only my opinion. Also, if you don't buy organic fruit and vegetables use a spray to clean your produce and rinse. Apples are the most pesticide sprayed fruit there is followed by broccoli. Sprays can be found at your grocery store. Good luck, eating clean food goes a long way to staying healthy. Hope this helps. K.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Beef has more saturated fat, so turkey is better for you; but I have to agree with you on taste.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I was raised on ground turkey, partly cause of being healthier but more cause its so much cheaper. I can't digest red meat very well cause I'm not used to eating all that grease. I got my husband used to ground turkey once we got married and he says now that it seems like his digestive system works better then it used to.

As for the taste, use seasonings.

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answers from Dallas on

The only problem I have with buying ground turkey is they also grind up the skin with the meat. You can buy the turkey breast and have it ground. This way you get true ground turkey and it is healthier.



answers from Cleveland on

I have read somewhere that if you buy ground turkey buy the "extra lean" version; if you buy the regular ground turkey you may as well buy lean ground breef its the same. I mostly buy extra lean ground turkey but sometimes really crave actual lean ground beef; especially for burgers.


answers from Columbus on

I'm glad you asked this and hope to read some great results!
I've also heard that there's something about ground turkey that isn't as healthy as we (I) once believed. I can't remember what it was, and don't have time to look it up at the moment.

Kudos to you for striving to cook and live a healthy lifestyle! I also do the same and help bridge the gap between what we eat and what our bodies actually need, so if you ever want to learn more, let me know!



answers from Los Angeles on

The ground turkey is better for you than the ground beef. As for the taste, I honestly can't remember when I could tell a difference! lol I do remember switching to ground turkey though, and thinking there was no way in hell I'd ever get used to it. Now though, the sight, thought of, smell and most definitely taste of ground beef makes me hurl. No kidding. So, I said all of that to say... it does get better, and over time, if you use it enough, it does taste better. It's all about the seasoning :) good luck !!!



answers from Dallas on

I buy/cook the ground turkey because we digest it better. I've noticed when our family consumes ground beef our digestive system gets a little weird. I do like the taste of ground beef when I want burgers, but for overall health ground turkey is a staple in our house.



answers from Lafayette on

I just read about this in Fitness magazine last night. It surprisingly said if your beef is 93% lean or better, that the beef is actually better for you. If you buy "fatter" beef, than ground turkey is better. I hope that helps!



answers from Boston on

You should try ground chicken. It tastes so good. Im not sure if it is better than ground beef but I think it is.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Cows are given growth hormones, turkeys are not. So I use turkey when ever I can not get hormone free beef.

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