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Updated on March 15, 2011
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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We have a baby boy who will be 3 weeks in two days. He has been a very easy, sleepy baby until two days ago. Since then he has become a fussy, colicky little guy. I don't KNOW if it is colic because it hasn't gone on long enough yet but he has fussed pretty much non-stop unless he is sleeping or nursing and even nursing doesn't always help. I nurse him on demand--he burps after every feed and occasionally spits up. I've been wearing him in the baby wrap as much as I can, which he loves...I need both hands free to deal with my other kids! I don't think it is reflux but I don't know for sure. Gas? He's our third and I've tried all the tricks for gas. Our first baby was colicky and it started right around 3 weeks so this is like deja-vu. Any tricks, tips, advice? A friend said to try Gripe Water. Has anyone had any luck with it?

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answers from Denver on

This fussy thing drives me nutso! I love them so much and when they are unhappy and just hate it. Needless to say, you will love the Gripe Water but only if you get the right brand. You have to get the Baby Bliss Brand Gripe Water.

In the stores I have found and tried Gripe Water by Wellements and not only does it taste terrible it doesn't do anything.

For a while they sold Baby Bliss in Walgreens but now I cannot find it and have to order it online. Just Google Baby Bliss Gripe Water and you will find several places you can buy it from.

Good luck!

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answers from Lincoln on

Gripe water didn't do much good for us but i know ppl who swore by it! My daughter was very colicky. the 5 S's in The Happiest Baby on the Block helped somewhat. Swaddling, Swinging (basically any movement - rocking, swing, car ride, my daughter did best in carseat in a grocery cart!) Sucking - nursing, pacifier. Shhing - or white noise too! and I think the last was Stomach - Laying across my lap face down was our best bet. We tried everything! I say try the gripe water and if that doesn't work move on to the next thing! Good luck! Those nights are still very fresh in my head!

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answers from Washington DC on

I used it with my first and found it really helpful. I think the flavor of it helped to distract him for a moment and then by the time I'd finish syringe feeding him a few cc's it seemed to calm him down.


answers from Dallas on

It certainly won't hurt to try. My cousin is a pharmacist and she told me it works best to keep it in the refrigerator after you open it and discard it after about 6 weeks.



answers from Denver on

We did yoga with our little guy and it helped tremendously with the gas I don't the poses may have gotten things moving. Anyhow I just got a DVD at Target I think it was like $20.00 and it came with a year's subscription of Parents Magazine. It also helped my kiddos sleep better.



answers from Youngstown on

How on demand are you feeding him? If he is eating sooner than 2 1/2 hours apart then he probably has gas it takes 2 hours to digest milk. I know this is not your first but I did not know this until I had my 3rd :) I tried gripe water for gas and it didn't work but it works great for hiccups and my baby had hiccups a lot. I have no experience with colic so I can't help you there but did you try gas relief drops? Also is it something you're eating if you think it is gas? I hope you figure it out....


answers from Seattle on

I loved it. there are different forms of it as well. I have tried all and all worked pretty well. also get baby on its backa few times a day and move legs into a sqaut postion back and forth. that helps move those tiny gas bubbles too. so its a little prevention.

good luck all three of mine had colick, my second being the worst. you can make it. dont let them try and give the zantac stuff. it burns thier little throats.




answers from Chattanooga on

Gripe water worked for our DD most of the time, but as she got older it worked less. I have found that an abdominal massage helped her gas pains better than anything. :)



answers from Denver on

With my first colicky son gripe water seemed to help a lot. They sell it at Target but only the Apple flavor kind, the non flavored is better for young babies but your baby may do fine with the apple. I highly, highly recommend it.


answers from Dayton on

Me! Me! Used it w/ both my kiddo's.
Also used Hyland's Colic tablets for my 2nd. Similar ingredients.
Hope it helps! It's certainly worth trying!

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