Grey Green Diarrhea in 3 Year Old

Updated on April 19, 2010
R.F. asks from Dallas, TX
7 answers

I am babysitting my 3 year old niece this weekend and am concerned. She woke up tonight crying (in pain) tossing and turning. She finally went to the bathroom and had diarrhea unlike anything I have ever seen. It's a light grey green color and very light. It was very foul smelling. She is passing foul smelling gas as well. I am wondering if any mama's out there have experienced this in their children.

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answers from Dallas on

I'd call or get her to a pediatrician. Very foul smelling diarrhea/gas can be from an intestinal bug called "rotavirus". My kids have had it (a couple of times) and it was awful! It's also very very very contagious so make sure you wash your hand with hot soapy water very well after you clean her up. Make sure everybody in your household takes extra care w/handwashing as well.

With rotavirus and the diarrhea that comes with it you have to be very very careful to keep kids hydrated. It's not uncommon for kids to end up at the hospital needing iv fluids because of how quickly they can dehydrate from all the diarrhea and vomiting. Clear liquids, no milk or dairy, no apple juice. I hope she's feeling better soon!



answers from Dallas on

Well, my "baby" was almost 50, but it was his liver, so you should get her looked at right away if you haven't already.



answers from San Francisco on

That is not a good colour the grey. Green can be okay. It does not mention grey as good in any of the baby books. It also says to worry after two weeks of grey colour and to go to the doctor.



answers from Portland on

yes, I have. sounds like she may have an intestinal bug. Be sure to give her fluids to drink so that she stays hydrated. Give her a little bit, often, if she doesn't want to drink a half cup at once. If she's not vomiting and wants to eat give her the B.R.A.T diet. bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These foods help to firm up the poop.

Her poop smell is most likely caused by gas. She may have eaten something which didn't agree with her. The color of the poop is also influenced by what she's eaten. Do you know what she's eaten?

Her bowel may be irritated because her parents are gone. Is she used to being left to be taken care of by you. Many people have gassy diarrhea as the result of stress. She may feel better if you hold her and perhaps rock her. Maybe she needs to sleep in the same room as you or have you stay with her until she falls asleep.

She'll be OK. You have described a common situation that usually passes quickly.



answers from Charleston on

yes, sounds like a stomach bug. Call the pediatrician if you're really concerned, but a couple days of bland food and it should start looking better. My 3 year old just had a round of stomach virus and we found that milk and juice made it worse, so try to avoid those until it clears up! Hope she feels better soon!



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Hi there hope this finds you well. Ok this sounds very familiar to me.I do not want to alarm you however its best to get her seen by her gp or local hospital asap. My 2 and a half year old son (now nearly 13) had exactly the same problem and it was bile he as passing due to a blockage and infection caused by appendicitis. now its more than likely she just has caught a tummy bug of some kind or perhaps not ate enough that day,which can also cause foul smelling disscoloured stools however I STRONGLY ADVISE she is thoroughly checked as soon as possible just to make sure expecially if she is in pain.
Alway best to be safe
Anyway PLEASE let us know how she gets on Im sure all will be well I didnt want to cause any worry just wanted to pass on our experiances to you ..
Wishing you well.
D. xxxx

p.s green is not ok green usually means there is bile in the stool also very pale floating stools indicate malnutrition which means something is preventing the bowel from absorbing all the goodness from the food..
Get her checked just to make sure a bug or virus shouldnt cause the child to pass this type of stool..dont change her diet until she has been checked over.It could also be an alergenic reaction.
Ive done a great deal of research on pediatric bowel conditions,hope this helps in some way.
(sorry was just reading some of the other posts)
p.p.s lol Im not in Dallas Im in Scotland UK



answers from Kansas City on

my daughter just got over this. Nasty!!! Never seen so much diarrhea before. Just keep her drinking fluids. My daughter lost her appetite. Took her to dr. after 4th day and said it was a virus. It lasted 5 days. Good luck.

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