Green Gunk

Updated on January 16, 2007
C.R. asks from Bancroft, WV
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my second daughter is almost three weeks old she is starting in the past two days to get this green gunk in her left eye that keeps her eye closed till i get the stuff off. what is this and why do kids get it. my 4 year old gets it when she is sick sometimes. but i dont know what this is or why my three week old baby is getting it.

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So What Happened?

thanks to everyone for the advice. the warm wash rag helped and it is clearing up but if it happens again she will be taken to a doctor cause i had problems with my tear ducts when i was a month old. but again thanks for all the advice.

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answers from Charleston on

When my son was a newborn he had a bit of green slime in one of his eyes all the time. Just enough to look gross but it was still there. Our pediatrician said that his tear duct was a little plugged but it would fix itself in a bit of time. If this is something new, your little girl may have some type of cold and you should probably consult your pediatrician. My son is now 2 1/2 and his last bout of green slime (which was coming from his nose-sorry to be gross!) proved to be a warning sign of an ear infection starting.

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answers from Kokomo on

My son had this and it is very normal, especially for new babies in the winter time. Their tear ducts are still developing and trying to learn how to work and sometimes they need a little help. Just take a warm, clean washcloth 2 times a day to the inner part of her eye and gently massage in circles the corner of her eye. This will help stimulate that gland to move the junk from her eye. This will also help relieve irritation for her. I hope this helps. If it continues to get worse, you might want to take her to the doctor to see if there is an eye infection that they might be able to give her drops for. Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

It is probably a clogged tear duct. My 5-month-old has the same thing. He got at about 1 week. She will probably grow out of it. All you have to do is massage the area between her nose and eye and use a warm rag compress several times a day. It doesn't hurt them it's just ugly. My doctor said it should be gone by 12 months. The worse case scenario will be that an opthalmogist has to go in and unclog the duct. They have to be sedated so this is why they wait until 12 months. She will also be more prone to pink eye and other eye infections. I can tell that sometimes it bothers my son and it gets really bad but, a warm rag seems to help the discomfort.



answers from Lexington on

Sounds like pink eye...very contagious...get her to the doctor's or urgent treatment center as soon as possible for some RX antibotics...

Good luck!



answers from Louisville on

I have 2 son is 2 and daughter is 7. When my son was smaller he would get eye infections and this is what that sounds like. I took him to the pediatrician and there is some gel ointment they can prescribe that can help with it so that you dont have to get it out. It clears on its own...but they can get it a lot when younger.



answers from Indianapolis on

my son got this and it has to do with the tear duct clogging up - if you massage the inner corner by his eye it will clear up.



answers from Lexington on

i agree with everybody else, that it is probably just a clogged duct, but if after a few days of wiping and massageing the eye with a warm wet cloth doesn't help, you might take her to the doc. it's a possibility that she might have an eye infection. my little girl got one when she was only 4 months old and had to Rx eye it pretty obviuos to spot...the eyes are goopy, all around they eye is red and puffy, and the whites of the eyes are pinkish.

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