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Updated on January 04, 2013
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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What are the benifits if any??? I found some on sale and would like to know anything about it. I love yogurt and dont know if this would be a more healthy choice.

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answers from Washington DC on

Greek yogurt is awesome. It has twice the protein of regular yogurt. We eat it a lot because my daughter and I don't eat red meat at all and it's a way to get a lot of extra protein. Compare the labels and you'll see it has a ton more protein.

Most of the brands of Greek yogurt also do not use artificial colors. I gave up Yoplait because it has a lot of color chemicals in it for no reason other than appearance. No one needs fake colors in their foods, especially kids.

Some Greek yogurts have a "tangier" flavor and those used to sugary American style yogurts may not love that, but it's delicious to me. Greek yogurts are also MUCH thicker and richer and therefore are very filling! They may have a few more calories but it's worthwhile due to the much higher protein content and the much more full feeliing they give you - you will not feel hungry again right after eating them, whereas to me, American yogurts are so thin and sugary I feel hungry soon after.

To meet American tastes, the companies producing Greek yogurts over here are going with sweeter flavors and more fat free and sugar free versions but I prefer the real deal. Better to eat less of a good, non-chemical product than more of a chemical-laced one.

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answers from Hartford on

Remember that yogurt is only yogurt, including Greek yogurt, if it doesn't have any thickeners in it such as corn starch or gelatin or other thickeners. It should only have various types of bacterial cultures, such as in Chobani. The reason Chobani is so thick is because they strain it three times to get liquid out. That's also the reason that it has much higher protein content than the other name-brand Greek yogurts. It has far less sugar than all of the other name-brand yogurts relying only on the fruit for sweetness, except for the honey yogurt.

Real yogurt is excellent for gut health and keeping your yeast in balance as well. It's good at calming nausea. It's excellent as a source of calcium, Vitamin D, and other nutrients.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

It has less sugar than what most people consider "yogurt" so it's much less sweet. It has a tangy bite that yogurt should have. A lot of people's palates have been so trained to seek sweet that they can't deal with the natural flavors of fermented products like yogurt or kefir.
I'm not big on overly sweet foods to begin with, and I LOVE Greek yogurt. I buy the 10% fat version - it's very thick and very creamy. I eat it on my cereal instead of milk.

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answers from Chicago on

It is much healthier than regular yogurt, as long as you don't get the sweetened versions. Chobani makes a bunch of really yummy ones, but they're still high in sugar.

I buy plain Fage from Costco and it is much cheaper than at normal grocery stores. I mix it with Flax-seeds and granola for a healthy snack, since it has 0% fat, very low carbs, and TONS of protein.

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answers from Los Angeles on

It IS so much better for you. MUCH higher in protein and no sugar. Just be sure to buy the non-fat. Although the fruit varieties may have sugar. We buy the plain and just add to it - blueberries, strawberries, or even a spoonful of preserves and then some truvia as sweetener. Read the labels and compare to regular yogurt. You'll see the difference. We like the Fage brand or Chobani brand.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Greek yogurt has more protein but significantly less calcium per serving than regular yogurt. Plain (non Greek) yogurt has no more sugar than plain Greek yogurt. All the flavored ones can have a ton of sugar (Greek or not). I prefer the taste and texture of Greek yogurt.


answers from Washington DC on

my son is underweight and I have just bought some for him that does have the full fat in it and he loves it! I think (too lazy to go and check the fridge right now) it's around 22% fat in the one I bought. I bought them from trader joes. He is 5 and a half and is only at 39 pounds, but the first week of having him try this yogurt, he gained 1 pound :) I'm also making him peanut butter banana shakes so that could be part of the weight gain as well.



answers from Dallas on

Just be careful, if it's probably has load of sugar in it. Greek yogurt has more protein, and is lower in fat. I prefer the Fage brand, over all others. I use it to substitute sour cream, cream cheese, and ranch dressing. I add ranch dressing herd o the greek yogurt and use that.

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