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Updated on March 10, 2011
A.S. asks from Lone Tree, IA
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My daughter is 11 months old. She only has two teeth (a third is just coming in) so we are still primarily feeding her pureed foods. We were giving her Yo Baby yogurt which she enjoys but for some unknown reason my local grocery is not longer carrying it. Is there any reason I can't give her plain Greek yogurt (or even the flavored Chobani...obviously not the honey variety)? Thanks!

Edited to Add: I know Chobani uses nonfat milk....does her yogurt have to use full fat?

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So What Happened?

I will be stalking the yogurt aisle the next time I go to the store in search of a full fat yogurt without any added sugars or dyes but possibly some flavor to spice up her life. Fear not, she does get table foods but she isn't ready to have only table foods. She will eat a few bites and then seems to prefer pureed food. All in good time...

Thanks ladies!

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answers from Washington DC on

Plain greek is much better and would be a doc's pick over yobaby.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yo Baby yogurt is no better for her than other yogurts as it has a very high sugar content compared with other yogurts. I give my son Yoplait and Greek yogurt.I love the Greek yogurts texture personally.

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answers from Spokane on

The babies need the extra fat from the whole milks. And I don't buy anything but whole period because I just don't like the idea that since vitamin D is fat soluble and any milk less than whole doesn't have enough fat left for that job so there are additives put in to take care of it. We love the greek yogurts too, even the plain. Personally, I'd buy a plain whole milk yogurt and mix some fruit preserves with it to lightly flavor it. My kids love plain yogurt and often it, even without "extras" although they love their flavored stuff too.

Just recently I had a hamster on antibiotics so I was giving her a bit of yogurt every day. I went to get it for her and it was completely gone. I finally found my youngest (4.5) sitting under the stable snarfing it down with graham crackers! If you get your daughter used to the idea of eating it plain now, you'll have much less problems as she gets older. But it would be best to do it with a greek yogurt if your store carries the plain (mine does) because the flavor is much milder the most plain yogurts. And it's good with so many things!

My favorite is actually the honey yogurt with strawberries. :) That's what I plan on having for breakfast tomorrow, with a bit of homemade granola.

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answers from Tallahassee on

At her age it's best to feed her yogurt made from whole milk. The fat is good for her brain. When she turns 2 it's okay to start giving her low fat yogurt. I don't know if the Greek yogurt would be good for her or not. Not that it's a bad food, but it just has so much protein in it that it may make her too full and she may not want to eat other foods. Have you checked Walmart for the Yo Baby yogurt? I think they have it at my Walmart so you may want to look there.

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answers from Detroit on

My grandson loves the Greek Yogurt we buy ONLY Organic yogurt and he loves the Yo-Baby still and he is now 3 1/2. I would write or call and ask why they no longer carry it at the store you go to and ask where you can purchase it in your area they may even send you some coupons.

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answers from Washington DC on

i would give a baby chobani or oikos over expensive designer baby yogurt any day. they both make full fat, which i would pick for a baby that young.
:) khairete

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answers from Dallas on

Everything I've read says that Greek yogurt is great for kids her age because its packed full of protein. Chobani makes a 2% as well in the 6 oz cups, so check that out (I found it in my local Target). At her age, she probably should have a version with fat, but with the amount of protein in the yogurt, I think its a win either way.

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answers from Houston on

I never fed my daughter any of the special "kid" yogurts. I did give her a lot of plain Greek yogurt. Later, we started with some flavored which I liked that they used sugar and not HFCS.

The fat is important for normal development but it is possible that she is getting plenty of fat from other sources.

Greek yogurt is also a great source of protein for little ones.

Read the labels. Not all are created equal. I love the texture and flavor of Greek Gods brand...but it doesn't have as much protein as other brands. I don't know what is different except for the addition of pectin in theirs which I am sure contributes to the nice texture.

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answers from Columbus on

You should use full-fat dairy products when possible, since the babies need the fat to help them grow.

Just avoid the greek yogurt that has honey in it (honey is not safe for those under 2).

Also, just fyi, even though she doesn't have teeth, she can still chew, with her gums. Just cut things up small and let her have at it. We started with cheerios, because when they start gumming those, they disolve. We moved on to small bites of cooked veggies and toast/bagel.

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answers from Missoula on

I would feed her full-fat yogurt, either Greek or regular over the Yo Baby any day. You can get plain or vanilla and flavor it yourself so you can control the amount of sugar. She really should have full-fat yogurt at this point. Chobani does make some low-fat yogurts in addition to their fat-free (try the pineapple if you haven't, it's 2% and totally awesome) but I would eat those myself and give baby the extra fat.

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answers from Boston on

I just had a yogurt by liberte and is made with whole milk. I don't think I would give nonfat but some of the chobani use low fat milk.

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