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Updated on May 13, 2009
S.J. asks from Kenmore, WA
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Hi there - does anyone have any tips on getting a great rate at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound? We have been there once on a whim as we were stuck in 5 hour traffic from Seattle to Portland.....somehow we got a great rate of $180 a night. I want to take my three boys - 2 have bdays in June two days apart - and also treat my sister and her kids as they can't really afford it right now. I get a different rate every time I call or check online and they are so high right now. They do offer AAA but I just switched to Allstate. I heard from a nurse friend that they get a corporate rate.....anyone hear of any other discounts out there (clearly GWL doesn't offer any of these up!) Thanks!

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Hi S.,
I organized a school group through the group sales dept. We ended up with the 174 then add the tax etc. You need 10 rooms or so as a minumum but check your kids friends families then let each figure out how to split their room.
Another option is for you to get the family suite then just have your sister drive down to "visit". You are allowed to have 30$ guest passes for one of the days you are there.If you are paying for 4 in your room then 4 can pay the 30 each to swim for the day, 5 paid for in room can get 5 30$ passes. We considered having visitors come with us to check in, buy their passes for 3-9 or 10, sort of sneak stay the night then go home the next am.They can't swim another day though.

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We were going to go this weekend, but have switched to a weekday.

What we found:

The standard double/double is 189 mon-thurs but 299 on weekends
The wolf den is 210 on weekdays but 399 on weekends

When we looked online they had their "deals" page, whch gives you the "discounted rate" and then by pulling up the kind of room we were looking for, and then manually switching dates on the calendar, we could find the different rates. The calendar also gives you a color code for the different rates with dark green being the most expensive and white/light green being the least. Good luck, I'm going to check back in to see if anyone else has better tips.

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Good morning S.!

I don't have a specific discount to tell you about but I work at a hotel and the other advice is operate like the airlines in that when there are a lot of rooms available, they are able to offer lower(usually discounted) rates. The time of the year also affects this. When they start booking up, they offer higher rates based on demand. GWL hasn't been open very long and it sounds like they seem pretty optimistic about their June bookings if they aren't offering many discounts right now. This may or may not change based on the economy. (Many hotels and resorts are offering better discounts because of what is happening in the economy and they aren't running full but GWL may still be getting the demand.) The rates will continue to raise up until the arrival date (as more rooms presumably sell). You probably don't want to wait until the last minute (with your many people involved) but if you are a little flexible and if a hotel has rooms available the day of arrival, you can usually get a better deal for that night. (That is probably what happened before when you were a last minute reservation and they wanted to sell the room). You can always ask a hotel "What is your lowest rate available on such & such a date". Does your sister have AAA? Typically if anyone has a AAA card to show, they usually grant the rate. Hope this was a bit helpful!

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We are going in June and to save money we are arriving on Thursday, leaving on Saturday. And we decided to stay in a regular room, not a themed room. Have fun! We are super excited to go!

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I think the prices are so varied because of supply and demand. I remember looking at them several months ago and they were about $180 a night. I'm guessing now that warmer weather is on the way the prices will be sky high.

I don't know of any discounts though, just wanted to add my two cents' worth.


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