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Updated on September 22, 2010
A.C. asks from Wellington, FL
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Hi! My son just turned one. My mom and dad are coming for a visit, and they want to buy him a nice toy...or even a few cheap toys. My daughter, who is 4, seemed to enjoy playing with the "baby" type toys for a long time...but my son is not that interested in them. I have the fisher price laugh and learn kitchen..which he plays with for about 30 seconds. I have several other fisher price toys like that, that he really doesn't like. He prefers playing in his sister's kitchen (well, ripping it apart), cars...but the kind for bigger kids, and balls. Does anyone have any ideas as to a good toy(s) that is entertaining at his age? I am new to all this boy stuff! Thanks for any input!

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answers from Tampa on

I have two boys, so this is right up my alley! :-) You mentioned balls - you may get him a basketball hoop. Playskool (I think) makes the plastic one that grows with them. Even at age 1, as long as he is standing/walking, would be a good choice. They also make one that is for kids that aren't quite walking yet where they just put the ball in the basket and it makes noise and counts and cheers them on. It is a basketball/learning toy. Also along the sports side, they make a Tball type toy that when you hit the ball with a bat it it just swings around, it is called a Playskool Swing n Score.

Now, if you are "outside" type people, some kind of car he can sit in and push with his feet or even a battery powered car/truck. My boys started on them as soon as they could walk.

Good luck!



answers from Orlando on

A cardboard box or anything unconventional should do the trick. Remember he will not have the attention span of a 4 year old.

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answers from St. Louis on

Mine is 16mo old and he LOVES his ball popper! Its kinda loud, but he still loves that thing!! He also really just loves to throw balls everywhere!

He does like the refigerator leap frog toys that have the farm animals too!


answers from Dallas on

How about a train set? Geotrax has some cool sets. The most played with toy my little one ever got was the playskool busy ball popper. She got it when she was 14 months old and still plays with it all the time 2 years later.
Blocks are always a hit too. Melissa and Doug has a really cool set that is $20 and they are the nice wooden ones that will last forever. I'm getting them for my DD for her b-day next month.



answers from Columbus on

We got the Laugh and Learn Home for my daughter when she was one (she's now 6). We have three kids (6, 4 and 9 months) and all of them love this and still play with it.



answers from Milwaukee on

Mega Bloks are great to occupy little hands. Also the LeapFrog Learn & Groove music table is great at that age - makes noise, has many features.



answers from Boca Raton on

Actually, i am in the same situation. My son just turn 1 and we have a 5yr old daughter. He loves to play with her kitchen and all the storage containers in our kitchen. Boys are so different, he just wants to rip everything apart and leave them on floor. Is interest in toys is 10 seconds, gets bored really fast.He seems to be more interested in a bicycle. Sorry i am not much of a help! but I think eventaually it will all change.


answers from Jacksonville on

At one my daughter LOVED: books, books, and more books! There are so many different kinds that appeal to every sense that for her they were they ultimate toy. Other things that held her interest were shape sorters, the beginner puzzles where you put each piece into its own space, and stuffed animals.



answers from Hartford on

My son loved this fake vacuum cleaner and lawnmower at that age.



answers from Daytona Beach on

neither one of my kids played with toys and still really don't. (girl and boy who are 6 & 4). the only thing that he really liked was his ball popper from fisher price. and that was only somtimes. i stopped buying so much. it's a waste of money to me if they don't play with something. some kids would rather not "play" with toys. my kids are really active and artsy so i bought them a lot of crayons and paints, etc.



answers from Boca Raton on

My son loves his sand and water table, you can switch up sand or water and put boats, cars and containers for pouring in there, would be nice outdoors for upcoming fall weather but he uses yearround. Also the step 2 all star climber, I think that's what it's called, it has a basketball hoop, soccer hole, rock wall climber and slide-but it's actually pretty compact, we keep it in our playroom and it's a small playroom. He got both around 1ish and still uses both at 2-1/2. Plus your daughter would prob enjoy playing with them too. At 1 I dontvreally remember my son playing with toys too much but now he wants to play with anything with wheels all day



answers from Miami on

Happy Birthday! to your LO. My toddler's favorites at 1 (all inexpensive): balls, blocks, boxes from household goods, books. stuffed animals for imaginary play. simple plastic pop up box (press 1-5 buttons with different type of button to help fine motor skill and different animal pops up). Shape sorter.
HTH Jilly



answers from Boston on

my 3.5 yr old has loved his parents band set that comes in a drum he got that at around 18 months and he still loves it. He will march all around the house, tonka makes some plastic cars that are a little larger then matchbox he had a race set for 3 of them that he loved, blocks have always been a hit w/ both of my boys, little people's farm tractor, he didn't seem to play with baby toys as long as my oldest did I think its because they want to do everything their older siblings are doing :)



answers from Tampa on

Fro my grand kids I go to the dollar store- and get a bunch of things- we are always surprised by what is the favorite, never what I "know" it will be.
best, k


answers from Cincinnati on

The Busy Ball Popper! He will love it, and stick with it for more than 30 seconds because he'll love putting the balls back in.

A farm set with animals. They make sounds, and help them with making sounds of a cow, pick, duck, Etc.

Grocery Cart with pretend food! Sounds like a girl thing, but boys LOVE it too. HE'll push it everywhere!

Mega blocks set. Very big, no small pieces that can go in his mouth!



answers from Dallas on

Books, wooden blocks, and cars. We are actually getting our boys a Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Stand and Play Rampway for christmas. It is awesome if he likes cars.

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