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Updated on March 05, 2008
K.F. asks from Lockport, IL
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I have several friends that wil be having babies starting March- September. I love to find unique and adorable gifts for new babies, and was wondering if anyone had any stores or online sites that they would recommend? I am due with my 3rd in July, so I know that it will be harder than usual to sneak out & shop all day:)

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Hi Katherine,
I discovered a great website called "etsy" and they have things that are unique and homemade. I have gotten lots of items for my daughter on this website. C. E

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I have been giving the books that are personalized to teach the children their names. Each page is another letter of their entire name and at the end you get thier whole name. They have different ones for boys and girls. A little pricey but we love them. I believe the website is



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Katherine -
Something I love to give new Moms is the Precious Handprint book from Once Upon A Family. The album is $32 plus tax and shipping and then I purchase a washable ink pad (pink for girls, blue for boys).

The concept is that you do handprints once a year and watch your child grow. At the bottom of each page there are questions: is. date, age, favorite food, favorite saying, etc.

It is fun to fill the questions out. I also have used my children's school projects (the ones with their hands) and adhered them into the album (that way they are all in one place). My daugther is now 6 and she can fill out the bottom of the page on her own which is cool because then I can watch her printing/handwriting change over the years.

If you are interested in the Once Upon A Family products you can check out my website at or you can call me directly at ###-###-####.

Good Luck with your pregnancy! Hope this helps.

B. Dalseth :)



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Hey there! I am always looking for something new to give too, so I started making them. I make hand painted personalized purse banks for girls and also personalized banks for boy in any theme. They are super cute and can be done to match any decor. You can order them over the phone and if you have something specific you would like, you can always email a picture of what you want to match. If you are close I will deliver them or I can also ship them to you!

Let me know if you are interested and I can email you pictures and the pricing.
Good luck,
[email protected]



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Hi! I have a mom ownded business that is perfect for what you are looking for! It is called Tweet Tweet Boutique and you can find it on etsy at
I specialize in personal gifts and accessories for little ones like onesies, t's, keychains, totes, etc! There is something for everyone! Best of luck with your baby-I am becoming an aunt too this summer so many babies to buy for!
Good luck!



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Hello! you know what my favorite gifts always were? When someone bought be a diaper bag with alot of goodies in it. I loveed that. And also, one thing I will never forget from my shower when I had my first daughter who is now 12. I got a diaper bag like this. It was a surprise work shower. Anyhow, she also made up a basket for me with books, goodies, bath things like lotions, oils, shower gels etc. It was the best thing I swear and I thought it was so creative. When I had my youngest who is a boy and is almost 5, my friend from work made me up a basket and it looked professional too. I told her she should go int business and sell them and I meant it. She folded up receiving blankets and tied them with bows, but rattles in there, some burp clothes, the really cute ones and some of those great nightgown things. And also a couple sleepers. I just loved it. It was the cutest thing.

Also, congrats on your pregnancy. You must be very excited.

S. Bailey CLD



answers from Chicago on - really cute shirts etc that you can get embroidered with names/initials

Another gift I have done a few times has been a small tote from ll bean or Land's End with the baby's name and then I put a few books in it.



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Congrats on your pregnancy (and on balancing that with already being a mom of 2)! I admit, what I am going to suggest is from my own "mom-owned business" with Creative Memories, but I have sold and given both of the items I will mention for new baby gifts and have gotten rave reviews.
There is a Treasures Jar which is in a neutaral tone so you can add it to any room of the house, but the great joy is that ther are little note cards inside so the busy new mom can quickly jot down the amazing thing they want to remember their littel one doing that day. For example, first smiles or steps or the way she says "bandans" and "pinano" instead of bandaids and piano. Later these boxes can be added to any album for the child. Also, I love your Decorative Display Frames that are magnetic! The are easy to hang and simple to change with each month or season. Clip up dr. appointments, baby shoes, momentos, or poems. Add photos of your child or artwork created by older children and you have a very special, ever changable piece for your home.
View my website at for photos and suggested uses. Special gifts for mamasource members.

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