Great Diaper Bags?

Updated on September 16, 2010
H.H. asks from San Clemente, CA
8 answers

now that I have two kids, I need a bigger, better bag. My friend had one that was also a back pack or shoulder strap. Anyone know of a great bag?

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answers from Cincinnati on

I have a backpack on wheels. It is not designed to be a diaper bag, but I LOVE it. It's big enough for everything, and I can carry it or wheel it, which makes it very convenient. I would look in the luggage or back-to-school section instead of the diaper-bag section of the store to find the best bag.

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answers from Houston on

I always get big stylish beach bags, so that i dont feel so frumpy, then once i get back into my little purse, i have an extra library/shopping/beach bag

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answers from Chicago on

I love the Skip Hop diaper bags that you can find at Target (probably available other places as well.) I can pack a change of clothes for both of my boys, 4 sippy cups, diapers, wipes, and my large wallet. They have lots of compartments and stroller clips which is great and can also be clipped onto a shopping cart. They are pretty cheap--about $30. I have so many diaper bags, but these are my favorites. Oh yes, and really cute patterns.

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answers from Little Rock on

I actually carried 2 large diaper bags for a while when my third was born and the second was only 22 months and still needed diapers and cups of milk. I bought 2 large cloth ones on in the Baby Connections (Walmarts own brand). I was able to empty them on occasion and run then on a gentle was with a full load of water and they would come clean. This would work even better if you have a front load washer.

My first thoughts to this question are "big diaper bags, big shoulder and back aches". Maybe a kids suitcase on wheels would make a better choice.

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answers from Albany on

I had an awesome Lands End diaper bag. Used it through all three kids and beyond. Really durable and easy to clean.



answers from San Diego on

I have 2 toddlers (1.5yr and just turned 3). The traditional diaper bag was/is handy sometimes, but I think the bag itself took up more space than the contents I needed. And I was never good at moving my wallet back and forth so I always had my purse too anyways. Now I almost never use the diaper bag. SO, here's what I figured out that works for me:

I keep a small kit/caddy bag in the car with ~10 diapers/Kirkland (large) wipes pack/extra undies/extra clothes/plastic bags, and the small porta potty and a beach towel (for diaper changes on/shade/use as a blanket/clean up spills/etc.). Then keep 1 or 2 diapers (folded and sealed in a zippy sandwich bag) in your purse with the travel size baby wipes. If you are out running errands, you won't need to carry an entire diaper bag everywhere you go, but this keeps the essentials handy and you can go back out to the car in case of an emergency while shopping. I have a medium size purse and can also fit 2 sippy cups and snacks in it if I need to run errands around snack time.

I also use a multi-purpose/beach type bag and love it. It doesn't close up on top, but that makes it easy to throw jackets, snacks, baby dolls, wallet, and diaper kit in and out easily. And I can hang the handles on my stroller clips/hooks or stuff it under the stroller. I use this for things like going to someone's house or using kid's club at my gym. My diaper kit is a gallon size zippy bag with a waterproof pad [cut a crib size pad in 1/4's], 2-3 diapers in sandwich size zippy's, and a small wipes pack.

*When you are out and about having the zip top bag for a stinky diaper is so convenient! The zippy bags also make it easy to see what you are looking for and easy to grab out of the bag.

Snacks go in sandwich-size zippy bags to fit easily in my purse so I don't need a bigger bag. (Sometimes I use the little plastic bowls/cups with lids, but they don't fit in my purse as well AND the kids make less mess sticking their fingers in the baggy than the bowls.)

For amusement parks, parks, or restaurants, I use a regular insulated lunch bag (for milk sippy cups/fruit/string cheese snacks/...) and sling it over my shoulder with my purse.

*sorry if this looks complicated, but it really is easier than all these words make it look :-o


answers from Provo on

planet wise has a dry/wet bag. It's made for cloth diaper-ers but I think it's amazing for any one. It has a spot for dry things, but then has pouch for wet items aka the diapers, but is great for blow outs, carrying medicines, bottles that might leak, sippy cups. This way it can contain the mess. It's just called the wet/dry bag. They advertise it for mom's who do swimming and will hold a TON.


answers from Seattle on

I love the diaper bag I got from the Carters store. It is very large, but also came with a smaller one for those quick trips too. I got it 50% off and it was about $22

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