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Updated on March 25, 2008
K.A. asks from Dallas, TX
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We have a 7 week old GD puppy and I need help in several areas. First she needs her ears cropped, and I have no idea who to use. we live in North Dallas and I am willing to go in a 20 mile radius to get them done. (If you are here to blast me, stop reading now and don't comment, that's what you do with some breeds.) Second, she needs obedience school and I want to go with her. Again willing to travel a bit of a distance. Would also like there to be multiple courses so my husband can go to one too. Any other info would be helpful. I have had big dogs before, but she is a handful. I have two dachshunds that she is trying to dominate, and they are not liking it much. We have to have harmony in our house. My husband loves her, but I don't think he's really interested in all the details and I am, as I am going to be home with this 120 lb dog. TIA!

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WE have a beautiful Great Dane named "Apollo" he is 6 years old and 150 pounds. OH my gosh, we get soooo many comments on how handsome he is. His ears were cropped and he gets treated like a Prince. Please call my hubby he has info on the doc that did Apollo's ears and best food, medical needs, and pet products to keep your pooch healthy & happy. Congrats! Tim & E. H. ###-###-#### : )

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K., here's what my boss said. I hope this helps.

I would recommend that she go to the following website to find a trainer:

For the ear cropping, she should try contacting the local chapter of the Great Dane club and see if she can get a recommendation from them.



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Hi K.!! I just met someone who is a dogtrainer...if you'd like to pm me with your personal info: number, email, I will forward to her.

Good luck!!



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OMG..if I had the patience & the time, I would get a GD. My in-laws have one (150 lb male named Dozier) and I adore him. They had his ears cropped by a Vet in Allen & he did a terrible job, so be sure to really research before doing/having it done. (call/ask around/maybe visit a GD site) They trained him themselves & let me tell you...that dog listens! GD's have so much respect for their owners, but they also like to run & play just like smaller puppies They crate trained him for ONLY when they were out of the house and he did wonderfully. His crate is as big as my house, but helped. He does not bark. They let him chew on those Greenies(teething bones) and that is his "calm time" He is a lap dog! He sits his butt on my lap when we visit. He is also very protective of my boys, and is SO careful not to step on or bump into them. I think you made a great choice of dog. I hope the best for you guys...I'm sure you have your work cut out for you.

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