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Updated on July 24, 2008
L.M. asks from Wyandotte, MI
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I live in the Downriver area and I am looking for a great dance school for my 5 yr old daughter to attend. She was enrolled in Ballet and Tap last year at a small school but I really don't think the teachers are that great. That was fine for last year b/c she was only 4 yr and I wanted to see if she even enjoyed it before investing a lot of money into a good school. She loved it but after watching their finale I realized that if she continued to dance I definitely wanted to change schools (the older classes were horrible). I appreciate any suggestions from mothers that have experience with local dance schools.

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My 4 year old daughter just finished her first year at Noretta Dunworth School of Dance in Dearborn. I danced there for 17 years and decided to start my daughter last year. They are very professional and the teachers are great. Their students compete and win a lot of competitions. My daughter enjoyed it so much that she keeps asking if she has ballet on the weekends. They have classes during the week and on Saturdays. You should check them out. They have registration at the end of August. I hope this helps!



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Hi Lara~

I also live downriver and I have 2 daughters in dance. They go to a great studio called Dance Avenue. It's located on Eureka Rd between Fort and Dix- it's right across from Toys R Us. My girls have been going there for almost 2 years now and they love it! They have all styles of dance and right now they are running a summer program and you might be able to take your girl up there and try a few classes to see what she'd be interested in before spending the dough. Check out the website for even more info.

The classes are prett cheap, I think. And at the end of the year they have a great recital at Lincoln Park High School and all the girls rock!! They also have a competitive dance team so if she continues to dance she can also do that and go all over the place.

Good luck! If you do go to Dance Ave the owners are great too. Their names are Jesse and Sara- They are 2 young girls who love dance so much they opened this studio!!



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Hi Lara- I haved lived in the downriver area just about my whole life. I also was in ballet,tap, jazz etc. A friend of mine owns her own studio in Woodhaven. (She and I both went to the same Dance Studio all through our chldhoods)I quit in High School and have regretted it ever since! I'm 39. I am not exactly sure what the exact name of her studio is. Her name is Lisa, so I am just guessing it is something like Lisa's Dance Studio. It won't be that hard to find though. The studio is on West Rd. just west of Hall Road, across the street from Millie's Restaurant. It is in a 'strip mall.' The party store and a coney island/diner are the two businesses in front. There's also a Dominoes there, and a Laundermat(I think the Laundrmt is still open. In the back is a mexican restaurant named Amigo's. She has been dancing since we were very young, continued at the studio,then started teaching there. She opened up her own studio several years ago. So, in other words, she has been dancing/teaching most of her life and loves it. Loving it makes for a much better teacher, and she is GREAT with kids. Also, she has her studio active and participating in the community. Well, I hope my description of the area helps you find the Studio! Good Luck!



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Our daughter attends Dance Avenue - it is GREAT!!

Dance Avenue

14270 Eureka Rd
Southgate, MI 48195

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