Gray Hair When Pregnant! Help!

Updated on December 15, 2011
A.S. asks from Ridgefield, CT
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Hi Mom's,

We are about 7 weeks pregnant with our second(yipee) and could not be more excited...but::: I know its a vanity thing(and please i am not arguing about vanity/pregnancy) i have so much premature gray hair its starting to effect me.

I am only 31 years old and my DS just turned 5 and he goes to kindergarten and plays sports and has music classes so i drive him everywhere and I am on the PTO so tend to meet strangers and new people every day ...just mentioning that hiding in my room for the whole pregnancy not an option:)

I did start going gray in my first pregnancy but this time i can see gray all over my roots:(. I DO not want to color before my second or even third trimester so am looking for alternates n way's to disguise some gray and yet feel good about the pregnancy and myself.

I have heard about hair rinses and hair color , any personal stories or input will be very welcome!

Any thing that helps please let me know!!!


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answers from Redding on

I think it's okay to color your hair while pregnant..... and eat peanuts.

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answers from Orlando on

I've used hair mascara - it's an option but a pain because you'll have to reapply it after every shower.

My Dr said dying my hair during pregnancy was safe. I know some people disagree but I have a perfectly healthy, smart, beautiful 9 year old and I dyed my hair all throughout my pregnancy. I went to a salon and they used foils...not sure if that makes any difference.

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answers from Houston on

I'm a hairstylist. It is generally safe to color your hair during pregnancy, but if you do not want to take that risk it is fine too.

You can use a color rinse, choose one that matches your haircolor.

The scare is when the hair color is placed on the scalp, thus being absorbed into your bloodstream. But if you opt for well placed foils, the color never touches the scalp and that is a really safe option becuase it does not go into the bloodstream. So, I would recommend either a lowlight in foils to cover the grays, simple rinse (which can rinse out in water, so no doing it on rainy/snowy days)... or even a Sebastian Color Shine (a glaze) which is a chemical free, deposit only gel that is totally safe. It only lasts about 4 weeks. Call around to local salons to see what kind of rinses/glazes they offer. They won't totally cover the gray, but it will help blend it and make it less noticeable. Glazes also add amazing shine and softness to your hair.

People will recommended henna, but no way would I suggest that. It may turn your hair a weird reddish color, especially the gray pieces... and you can't color over it later, you have to cut it out if you ever want to go back to blending or coloring your grays.

There are hair color 'hairsprays' to spray on your roots that last a day, and also hair color mascara wands. They do the job, but I wouldn't mess with it for more than a few weeks b/c they get annoying! Those are best for in between colors for short periods of time.

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answers from Richmond on

Honey, I was blessed with the first sparkles of gray when I turned 24...

This is what hair dye is for ;)

If you're not comfortable dying, talk to your doctor. There are alternatives out there (like henna based dye) that will help.

What's your natural hair color? Brunettes are easiest (so I've heard), you can use coffee to help hide grays... I'll have to ask my BFF how that goes, her mother was/is a nature lady of sorts and knows all about that!

Don't freak... embrace it ;) Honestly, it's probably not 1/2 as bad as you think it is!! In the meantime, it's cold, get some cool wintery hats and scarves!

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answers from New York on

I have used both the bumble/bumble hair color spray and rita hazen (sp?)- which I actually prefer now, through the first trimester of both pregnancies and in-between colorings to spread them out. They work great. I went gray in college and it has gotten worse with every pregnancy! GL and congratulations! Also, if you use highlights/foils, like someone else said, the color never touches the scalp, so if your gray is only in certain areas, you should be ok!



answers from Phoenix on

Europeans use coffee to dye their hair. If you are brunette, it might be worth a try. Hair mascara is an option too, if your graying isn't too extensive. Like you, I'm not comfortable with hair dye before 12 weeks gestation.



answers from Minneapolis on

Not sure what color your hair is, but Bumble and Bumble makes a product that you spray on your roots and it covers it right up. It's about $43 a can - but it rally works.

I usually wear a cute hat prior to my appointment if the gray gets too bad and use this if I have to go somewhere where a hat is not appropriate. Not sure if it will get you thru 6 months.....



answers from New York on

For whatever it's worth, I recently heard a program on WNYC (probably the Leonard Lopate show) where there was a segment on myths and "Old Wives' Tales", pardon the expression. The researcher explained that hair dyes no longer contain ingredients (or quantities of ingredients) to be dangerous when used when pregnant. You should research this on your own and do what you're comfortable with, but maybe the show archives is a good place to start. Meanwhile, you can use a wide head band to help hide obvious roots on top (it's what I do between touch ups when necessary).



answers from Charlotte on

Color your hair. It's better than getting permanents.



answers from Dallas on

I believe there is a product called hair mascara.



answers from Beaumont on

I had that same problem and I just dealt with it. By now maybe there are alternatives, ask your OB???

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