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Updated on July 20, 2007
E.K. asks from Plano, TX
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Can anyone recommend a web site (other than Monsters) or advice how to hire someone with this title or in this industry? My husband is needing someone as soon as possible on a freelance basis to help him expand his business. I've looked around for him and this industry is so nitch, I'm having a hard time finding other creative resources. Any recommendations or advice?

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You can advertise on a website called it is the Dallas Society of Visual Communications. Or if you want to email me directly, [email protected], I may be able to direct you to a freelance art director or two. That is what I do for a living. I am pretty booked right now, but depending on what you need, I may know someone who can help you.



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Hello Elaine,

You may email my husband at [email protected] and tell him what you need. He knows a lot of people in the graphics industry and I'm sure he can help your husband.

Good luck!

- F.



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Hi Elaine,

I'm a freelance graphic designer. I have an agency background and have had my own business for about 6 years now. I do mostly print work, brochures, logos, invitations, direct mail, etc. I've done work for large corporations such as American Airlines, Promus Hotels (Hampton Inn, Embassy), Tabasco, Nokia and Alphagraphics but I also do work for smaller companies as well. I might be able to help your husband out depending on what he's looking for. I work out of my own office so if he needs someone at his office I may not be a good fit for him. If interested, have him call me.

Beside the DSVC that was mentioned in the other reply, printers are good sources for graphic designers/art directors. Have you looked in the yellow pages? Not all of us advertise but a few do.

A. Lynch
Lynch Creative



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