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Updated on October 07, 2009
C.I. asks from Cape Coral, FL
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Has anyone heard or been to a "grandma Shower"? My daughter & co-workers have been invited to one & are a little confused. Do they buy for the baby, the mommy to be, or the new Grandma to be? I think it is a fun idea, but I have no clue about it.

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answers from Tampa on

A few of my mom's coworkers threw her a small/very informal Grandma shower before my son was born. He is also her first grandchild and they were so nice to give her an hour to celebrate becoming a first time grandma. She received a few "grandma" items (mugs, frames, etc) in addition to an outfit and a couple of onesies for the baby. She actually mailed the clothing to me since we live 18 hrs apart. She does not get to see him as much as she would like. It is great if your friend lives closer to her soon to be grandchild. If that is the case, I agree with the previous poster that it would be great for her to have supplies at her house to prevent the mom from having to always tote everything with her.



answers from Orlando on

my mother-in-law had one (which her friends threw for her) and people bought things for her to keep at her house for the baby. such as a stroller, bibs, burp cloths and toys. they also bought things like picture frames that say "grandchild" on it or things that say "grandmother" on it. some of the stuff that was purchased my mother-in-law gave to me to take home but pretty much it was things that could be used at her house while she was babysitting the baby (so i didn't have to always lug everything over there). i would stick with baby rattles, toys and books. hope this helps & by the way it was actually a fun cute shower!

one more thing....she got a lot of scrapbooks for her to make for the baby.



answers from Orlando on

I believe they are to buy baby stuff to be kept at Grandma's house....i.e. swing, bouncy seat, etc....
Hope that helps!



answers from Orlando on

Some people buy for the mom to be and send it with the grandma.



answers from Orlando on

I co-hosted one for a co-worker a few years ago who was soon to be a first time grandma. :)

Most of the gifts were little items to be used at Grandma's house during baby visits...blankets, bibs, small toys, etc. All of these items could have been passed onto the mom if wanted.

We also chipped in on a bigger gift (a swing) that was to be at Grandma's house for visits.

We played traditional shower games, such as trying to figure out what was in a diaper, taste testing baby foods, etc.

In my case, the grandmother was close to her daughter and expected the baby to visit frequently so giving her 'equipment' for her home was appropriate. I'm sure in situations where Grandma lives far away from the baby, picture frames, scrapbooks, etc would all be more appropriate. Maybe even computer software for photo organization, editing, etc would be helpful since pictures are often emailed.



answers from Jacksonville on

Yes!! My mother-in-law friends threw her one and it was wonderful. They bought her lots of fun stuff for my daughter(her granddaughter) to do a play with at HER HOUSE. Stuff like books and blocks and dolls all kinds of stuff! It was the first time I had heard of it too! I think all grandmas should have one!!

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