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Updated on December 11, 2010
M.C. asks from Plano, TX
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My baby is 10 mons and is outgrowing his Graco Snugride because of his height. I am referring to the "regular" Snugride that has limits of 29 in and 22 lb. I'm considering getting a used Snugride 32 just so I can have the convenience of the bucket for a few more months. Does anyone know if the "regular" Snugride travel system will accommodate the Snugride 32? (I know, I know. I should have tried it out at the store.)
okay, yes, I do plan to buy a convertible after he turns a year. I just want to keep him in the bucket for two more months for MY convenience. I would get the Snugride 32 from Craigslist.

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answers from Gainesville on

You'd probably be better off spending your money on a new seat that will keep him rear-facing until he is *at least* age 2 (yes, that is the current recommendation) and then will allow you to then turn him. Britax now makes models that go up to 45lbs rear-facing and I believe 70lbs forward-facing. Their site has a great tool where you plug in your lo's info & it gives you the seats that will work for baby.

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answers from Boston on

I believe they have different bases and he won't really get that much use out of it he is 10 months old. I suggest a convertible seat the graco myride 65 an use an ergo or a stroller when you are out.


I believe they have different bases and he won't really get that much use out of it he is 10 months old. I suggest a convertible seat the graco myride 65 an use an ergo or a stroller when you are out.

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answers from State College on

I think the bases for the car are different, but it should fit the stroller. You can email Graco off their website to double check.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have a Graco Snugride 35 which will accomodate an infant up to 35lbs. and 32 inches. It also has a convinient strap between the legs to easily tighten and loosen the shoulder straps in seconds. It was $150 dollars though. I would just go ahead and buy a convertable car seat that can face backward for a while. I am considering a Britax that stays rear-facing up to 40lbs and front facing up to 70lbs (my son is 8 and he only weighs 49 lbs so it would probably be the only other car seat you would have to buy for one child) for my daughter when she grows out of the Graco. If you don't want to spend that kind of money I have heard good things about the Graco myride 65. Sorry I really don't know if the 32 will work with the regular travel system. Definately go to the store and try it out. When I bought the 35 I tried several car seats from the store in my car (with the help of a store clerk) before choosing one to buy.



answers from San Francisco on

where is his head in relation to the top of the seat? although weight limits on car seats are absolutes, height limits for car seats are more of an estimate because some kids have longer torsos and other kids have longer legs. A rear-facing seat is outgrown if there is less than 1" of hard plastic shell above the child's head (this link gives a good illustration of how to measure that 1": )

Also, please note that most child passenger safety technicians would advise against buying a secondhand child safety seat unless it was from someone you knew personally and trusted to have used and taken care of the seat correctly. If the seat has been in an accident or the harness straps have been submerged in water or machine-washed or dried, the seat's ability to function properly in a crash would be impacted.

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

The bases are different. Why not switch to a convertible car seat? Isn't it getting heavy to lug a 10 month old in an infant seat? I'm assuming if he's outgrowing his current seat he is close to 25 lbs. Then invest in a carrier like the Ergo or Bjorn.



answers from Dallas on

I recommend the Ergo. It's far more comfortable and can go up to 45 pounds.

Oh dear, I just realized you were talking about a car seat!

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