Graco Pack N Play with New Born Napper?

Updated on February 08, 2010
C.F. asks from Tyler, TX
8 answers

Just curious if any of you have the graco pack n play with the new born napper? Would like to know if this feature is worth the extra money? Does your baby really use it or not? Thanks!!

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answers from Dallas on

Ashlyn is asleep in the newborn napper right now. She is 3 weeks old and loves it. It has wheels on one side so you can roll it around with you. The shape of the napper makes the baby feel like they are being held so they supposedly sleep better in the napper than in a crib. Ashlyn sleeps well both places.

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answers from Dallas on

I only used the bassinet insert on our pack n play twice. For us, it was a waste of money. :( We imagined that our daughter would be sleeping in our room in the pack n play, but instead she went right to the crib in her room for naps and nighttime.



answers from Chicago on

LOVE it! My daughter is 7 weeks old. We just moved the pack n play to our living area (it had been in our bedroom). For the first 4 weeks or so we used it as a bassinet in the bedroom. Now she sleeps in her crib. Since then we have used it as an alternative napping/quiet time area. She is over 12 pounds now and it still keeps her pretty cozy - though she will outgrow it soon. I have really enjoyed it. We use it several times a day. :)



answers from Dallas on

I just bought one so I am interested in the responses!



answers from Austin on

I used it (I think mine was called a bassinett feature though). We used it instead of a bassinet for his first 6 weeks or so. Its much better than having to bend all the way down into the pack and play if you will be putting your baby down asleep.



answers from Little Rock on

I had one for both of my boys and loved them. I had to get a new one for our second son because Grandma permanently "borrowed" ours. I used a bassinette until they grew out of it and kept the pack and play in the living room for an extra changing station/bed for the little guys. Once they were out of the bassinette I moved it into our room and they slept in it until about six months when I moved them to their crib. I loved the vibrating feature and the light was really handy for checking on them at night. I did notice the pad was really thin and did what they tell you not to do. (I layered a piece of egg crate with a waterproof pad under the pack and play sheet.) In short I'm not sure what we would have done without it (we even took it camping). Here is a link to the one we have:


answers from Dallas on

i have 2 pack and paly for my twins and they lo ve it they use it since the day the arrived at our house i think you don't need to buy any extra things you can put your little one in the pack and play bassinet to sleep.



answers from Pueblo on

We used this in our room when our first child was born. It's where she slept at night. She was born in March, when the nights are still cold and it seemed every time I picked her up at night,she was frozen. Turned out the thin pad with nothing under it made her really cold. We put a towel under her sheet (and made sure it was not wrinkled AT ALL) and it helped a lot. I don't know if it was worth having - I probably would use a porta crib or something similar now for sleeping. My MIL used hers for diaper changes as she had no changing table.

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