Graco Infant Car Seat - Material Is SO Hot?

Updated on June 14, 2009
L.M. asks from Irving, TX
6 answers

My husband and I received a Graco car seat and stroller as a Christmas gift for our son who was born in March. We love the style and color but we had no idea we would have issues with the material on the carseat. When my three month old baby is sitting in it, he gets so hot. I read on other website that others who have this same carseat are experiencing the same thing. I'm guessing the material doesn't breathe and the hot Texas weather doesn't help matters. I'm not sure what to do - I know it's too late to make an exchange at the store (I think it was purchased at Babies R Us). I've researched online to see if there is some kind of liner or cover we can buy for the carseat but haven't found anything. We do put a cotton pillowcase in the carseat but it doesn't help much.

How long will I use an infant carseat? Didn't know if at some point I'll need a toddler size carseat and should just make due with the Graco one until we need the toddler size?

I really wish we had received the Chicco carseat and stroller.

Thanks for any advice!

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answers from Dallas on

how big is your baby? if you're over it with the graco seat(i personally don't like any of their carseats), go ahead and get your convertible seat. i am a huge fan of the britax seats :) go with a britax marathon or boulevard and put it rearfacing, i'd wait til he's at least 10 or 12 pounds with some decent head control though. good luck! i've had the chicco for my last 2 babies and love it!



answers from Dallas on

First to answer the question on how long you'll use it:
You'll use it until one of two things happen: 1) he's 20 pounds AND one yr old, or 2) he's too heavy to carry around in it.

If you stop using it before he's 20 pounds and 1 year old, you'll get a convertible seat that can go rear facing. Some of these can be used for babies as young as newborn, but they're not really practical for babies younger than about 6 months, unless you have a big kid. It's just too easy to pop that infant carrier in and out to carry them around when they're tiny! The heat factor isn't totally eliminated with the convertible seat though, but since they're designed more "open" it's at least a little better.

Second: the heat factor. No matter what, kids just heat up in those little carriers. Some do say they have better fabrics, but it's like a little bucket, and you fill it with baby body's going to get warm down in there. We had the Graco seat too. Ours were both born in the spring, so we had to endure the Texas heat with the infant carrier too. I made sure to dress them as light as possible, and in cotton (they pretty much lived in onesies), and tried not to leave them in there too long once we arrived at our destination. For example, if we were going to the mall, I'd stop at a bench for a minute and take the baby out to let him cool off before putting him back in it and carrying on with my shopping trip.

While you're waiting for the transition to the convertible seat, you might try to wash the seat fabric regularly (couple times a month maybe), and keep the infant carrier in the house instead of leaving it in the car, and make sure your car A/C vents are aimed towards where the baby is sitting (probably don't want them blowing at his face...). I always let the car run a few minutes before getting into it to start cooling it off too. And, in the REALLY bad heat of the summer, left the car running and A/c on until I unloaded the baby (take baby in and let him hang out in the pack n play while I went back and unloaded groceries, etc.) Also, if his seat is in the middle of the back seat, he's less likely to heat up from the sun through the window.

Hope this helps you cope with the Texas heat and make a car seat decision you're comfortable with!



answers from Dallas on

If your baby is 3 months old then I would take the seat back to the store & talk to the manager. Obviously there was no way for you to know how the heat would effect the fabric back in March. Having said that I would also shop for a 100% COTTON car seat cover. If you can't find one then go to Joanns or Hancocks for a list of local seamstresses & find one to make one for you. It should not be too costly. That way you can pick out the fabric yourself. Just make sure it is cotton. Best of luck to you & your precious baby.



answers from Dallas on

I third the Britax seats :) We had a Marathon and I loved it. Our older son was too big for the infant seat by 4 months (height wise), so we switched to the Marathon. I did keep the infant seat in the trunk of the car though and used that to go into stores and to eat when we didn't take the stroller in. That way he had a place to sit.

Also, when you do leave the seat in the car keep a towel in the car to throw over the seat, that way the sun isn't hitting it directly. We had problems with the metal bits getting too hot in the sun.



answers from Abilene on

I have the Chicco carseat and stroller. I've had the same problem with my daughter getting hot and sweaty in it. I agree with the other poster that any car seat will get hot.

My daughter is 1 year, about 18 pounds and we're still using the Chicco infant seat. We'll keep using it until she outgrows it (either 1" from the top of her head to the top of the carseat OR 22 pounds). She is getting heavier in it but we still leave her in it as we unload the car, because she is so mobile now! When she outgrows the seat, we're planning to get a convertible seat so DD can face backward longer (so much safer).

I hope this helps you out!

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