Graco Double Stroller Through Airport Security

Updated on November 07, 2010
B.W. asks from Bethel Park, PA
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Over christmas we will be travelling with a 2 year old and 6 month old. I HAVE to have them in a stroller for my sanity and muscles. I was going to take 2 umbrella strollers, and then my husband and i would both have to push. My MIL thinks that our double Graco duo glider stroller will fit through security. Will it? I don't want to get there and then have to check it, it will defeat the whole purpose. I really want to buy a double umbrella stroller, but since we already have the double graco, i can't justify spending that much money on another stroller (and yes, i have checked my paper and craigslist). Has anybody used the double stroller through security?

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answers from Kansas City on

It is a tight fit, but it does fit through. I have the same stroller and had no problems, The easiest way is to it lay down so the wheels are facing up. Once it starts to go through the x-ray machine, you may need to adjust the wheels a little bit.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Yes we have several times. You will have to remove everything and everyone from the stroller at security so make sure you leave extra time. If it doesn't fit on the belt, they will hand check it and then you will get it back. Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Take the double stroller. It will count as ONE carry-on for one of the kids, instead of taking 2 strollers and having them each be the kids' free carry-on. As for security, I just took my daughter to Scotland and one airport put the stroller through the x-ray machine, while the other wanded the stroller w/my daughter in it. I offered to take her out, but they said it was ok w/her in it.

When you get to the gate, if you need help, let the gate agent know. Get on the plane before everyone else, because when you get to the end of the jetway to get on the plane, you have to check the stroller and they will put it under the plane, and they will have it waiting for you when you get off the plane. You have to put a tag on it, so get the tag when you first arrive at the gate. If you're like me, you'll have diaper bags, carry-on luggage, etc. in the stroller that you'll have to take out and get on the plane w/the kids, so this is another reason you'll want to get on the plane first, so you're not holding up the line of passengers behind you. If you're still not convinced, contact your airline and ask them if there are any restrictions on the kind of stroller you can bring. Know that w/many airlines, if you are on a domestic flight, you only get either a stroller or a car seat as the child's free carry-on now, and they will charge you for the other item if you have both with you. Best wishes on your travels. I wish my hubby could have gone w/me...would have been so much easier! ~C.

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answers from Kansas City on should use your stroller! We all need sanity in the airport and I never understood people who could get by without it...not me! ;) The double will probably fit through security. We used a Graco double in Feb and it fit, but one time they went ahead and just did it by hand. They have to be able to check stuff by hand too b/c there are things that just won't fit (like wheelchairs I think). So no worries. It does take a bit longer to do it by hand so if you're in a hurry, try and break it down a minute or two before you're next in line so you can just shove it through. Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I guess things have changed in the last few years...I've NEVER been through security without having to remove my baby from the stroller, fold up the stroller, hand it to the agent to check out, walk through holding my baby, then getting the stroller on the other end, then gate checking the stroller. And I've traveled with kids EXTENSIVELY over the last 13 years. How easy it would have been to just leave the baby in the stroller while they check it over! I would take the double stroller - worst case scenario, if it didn't fit, they could scan it manually around the side, but you'll be so happy to have just the one stroller when getting around the airport, as opposed to two smaller ones.



answers from Harrisburg on

I have to say on my most recent trip through airport security I just put my baby in an Ergo and held my 2yo's hand but I did see someone go through with a double jogging stroller and it fit. . .I don't know the dementional difference between the two though!



answers from Boston on

I have taken my side-by-side double Graco and gate-checked it. It will not get on the plane with you. So make sure you keep stuff in bags or backpacks so that when you get to the plane you can take your stuff and the kids too. There will be help from the stewardesses if needed.



answers from Phoenix on

I would skip trying to put it on the belt, as my Graco Quattro single is a tight fit through the x-ray machine. You can simply ask them to wand scan it instead. It will take a few more minutes, so plan on giving yourself PLENTY of time to get through security. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

My SIL always took here double stroller throw check point with her and never had a problem (I've yet to fly with both of our children). She had the stroller that has the regular strap-in seat on the front and the sit/stand seat in the back for an older child. It went through security just fine. Whenever she and I took our strollers with us (and carseats since I will not put it through baggage) you just check them in at the gate. Tell them you want to pick it up at the gate when you get off of a plane and they will put a tag on it so it sits on top of everyone's luggage and will be sitting at the gate when you get off of the plane.

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