GPS - Which One Do You Use - POLL, Share Thoughts and Question on NAVIGON

Updated on January 23, 2009
D.C. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Which GPS do you use please and how do you like it? Please share a few bullet points on pros and cons.

I am looking for one under $150 - Yeah, after the holidays, a lot of them went on big time SALE. The one of choice right now is the Navigon 2200T:
If you have this one, would you buy it again?


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So What Happened?

thanks ladies. I got the Navigon and love it so far!

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I have a Tom Tom (not sure of the model) The screen is big, it is voice navigated, so it tells you about 1/2 mile before you have to turn and right before you turn. We bought it when we moved from Maine for our drive to here and had no problems with it at all. I am thankful I have one or else I probably wouldn't venture out much.

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I am not sure if your car has it or not, but I use On-Star. There is not a screen. They tell you everything and it counts down miles, yards, etc. where my radio is. It dings when I am to turn and if I go off course it ask if I want to get directions starting from where I am at the time.


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My car has Tele-Aid with is very much like On-Star but it is made for Mercedes. I don't use it a lot but it is nice when I need it.

Our Iphones have it as well. I have used the Iphone one most when I've been out of town to scope where I am going. I walk a lot and it gives me great info.

I don't know about the kind youa re talking about. Most of us have it built in with the car we drive.

GOod luck! Sounds like a great idea.



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I have a factory installed navigation system in my car, and my biggest problem with it is that it doesn't say outloud the name of the street you are suppose to turn on. There are GPS systems that will verbally tell you the street name as well as what direction to go. I would love to have this option. My husband has a Garvin and is not happy with it at all, and my sister that has a Garvin got lost at least 3 times using it (but that could be user error). My friend has a Tom Tom that she loves. Either way I would definitely spend the extra money to have them not only say the direction to turn but also on which street to turn on.

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