Got Punched in the Back and Not Sure If I Should Go to the DR

Updated on December 02, 2008
T.C. asks from Wonder Lake, IL
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Hi Mamas!

Once again I am coming to you for some advice! So here goes....

On Thanksgiving night I was one of the many insane :) people who went to Gurnee Mills to shop the deals. It is a tradition with my sister and a friend and now my soon to be daughter in law. Anyhow, things were going great. Did a tiny bit of shopping, saw Santa was laughing and having fun UNTIL....A fight broke out and I got caught in the middle of it. When the two people fighting went down I got punched in the back when one person missed the other. It was total chaos to say the least and I will not bore you will all the details cuz I tend to get long winded! lol Guest services (I think that is who it was) was called for me and called an ambulance. They brought me an ice pack and took a report and so did the police. I signed off on the ambulance thinking it was just sore from getting punched- nothing more. I figured it would get better in time with rest and ibuprofen.

Well, here it is almost 5 days later and it is not getting any better. I have only a mild bruise left although it is very tender to the touch still but now it is also across the whole lower back, painful to the touch on my spine and on my bottom and I also have pain going from my right butt cheek down my leg (sciatica I believe). Walking makes it excruciating!!!! It feels better if I am bent over or sitting (I can not sit for long though) It also takes some of the pressure off if I bend backwards. Only thing is it is never completely gone no matter what position I get into.

Have I given it enough time to heal on its own? Or should I go to the Dr for this? I still can not even believe this happened to me... I am one of those shoppers who goes listening to Christmas Carols and has a smile plastered on my face and being nice to everyone!

So, any advice would be much appreciated! I just hate going and getting a medical bill if it is not necessary since I really can not afford it (my daughter has major medical expenses from being in and out of the hospital and Drs)

Thank you to all who respond and blessings to all!

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So What Happened?

Well after finding out about a program that will cover the expenses that my insurance does not pay for I was able to go to the ER (I do not have a family Dr for myself). FYI... anyone that is injured and not a party of a violent crime in Illinois is able to apply for this help. It is through the Attorney General Lisa Madigan Victim Compensation Program.

So they took xrays and had me pee in a cup. Nothing was broken but they did find high amounts of protein in my urine which could be from inflamation of the kidney/s if I understood correctly. I was prescribed Anaprox, Vicoden and a muscle relaxer that I will finally start taking and hopefully get some relief... and if not, atleast I will sleep well! lol

So, this weekend I will be taking it nice and easy and hubby and daughter will get to spend lots of time playing! Ahhhhhhhh.... now I need to go get a good book!

Thank you all for your advice... I was going to put it off for another week but between your words of wisdom and finding this program it was all the motivation I needed to have it checked. Many blessings to all!

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Yes, see your doctor although it's probably not an emergency. Most cases of sciatica (which is caused by a pinched or herniated disk in your lower back) will go away on their own after a few days of rest. (many of us have had it during pregnancy, for example - I know I did.) Use ice packs, not heat, to try to shrink the swelling in the muscles around the disk. Use an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. Don't try to push it or do a lot of stretching. Avoid lifting.

My husband (whose family has a history of back problems) ended up having to have back surgery earlier this year for sciatica, which is why I know more than I want to know about it. It's not likely that your injury is as bad as that! If it still is bothering you after a couple of weeks your doctor might send you for an MRI to look at the disk.

Chances are good you'll feel better after a few days of rest. But personally I'd get a medical visit on record just in case you later need to establish that the Gurnee Mills visit was responsible in case you need to bring a lawsuit against the violent shoppers if your injury does end up requiring expensive treatment.

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It sounds like it is getting worse rather than better and it would warrant a doc visit. You may have a pinched nerve by sometihng that has inflamation from the trama and a cortizone shot would remedy that. A disc got moved depending how hard you got hit, also cortizone treatment. You could have a hairline fracture in a rib or in a vertabrae, also depending how hard you got hit. You most likely need x-ray. Feel Better.

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You need to go to the doctor. It could be your kidneys, or sciatica. Both are in your back. A doctor needs to do an ultrasound, to make sure your kidneys are okay. Don't fool around with this. The Best of Luck to You!!!

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Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your children, go to the doctor, you deserve it!!!

If times are tight, make sure to go during regular business hours, and ask your doctor if he/she can write any of the visit off (ask for a discount if you don't have any insurance, some will some won't). Otherwise, consider it a Christmas present to yourself to have a healthy (and pain free) body! :-)

I am so sorry to hear that you got caught in the middle of the fight, and hope that you feel better soon!

Happy Holidays,

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Please come to my office and we can help you. I am a mom, shopper, and physician. I practice chiropractic and alternative treatment-nothing invasive. I can get you out of pain a nd discomfort using natural treatments like an adjustment, physical therapy, and muscle rehab to prevent further muscle spasms. Seek treatment soon because often when we ignore problems hoping they will just 'go away' we limp around and end up causing other problems due to the changes in our normal walking and standing patterns. I think you would benefit greatly and quickly from our care

Please call today ###-###-####
we are in Tinley Park
Dr. Landgrebe
6828 171st Street Tinley Park IL

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Health first, possible litigation second.

If you're having this much trouble from getting hit, you need to see a doctor ASAP. I hope you've been resting and icing, along with taking Tylenol or some other pain reliever to try and alleviate some of the symptoms.

It's been 5 days and doesn't seem to be getting better. Can you deal with the pain for 5 more weeks, months, years?

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