Got Baby Oil in Babies EYE

Updated on April 08, 2008
D.M. asks from Brick, NJ
4 answers

I was applying baby oil to my 10 week old for his dry skin and accidently got a little in his eye. His eye is now red and much smaller than his other and it looks watery. I am concerned because it is SUnday and my doctor office is closed. Any advice on what to do would be apprecaited

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I would just try and wash with water, but I think he will just have to cry it out. Try and hold him face down while he is crying so it runs out and doesn't just spread. If it gets real bad you may have to take him to ER. DO NOT try and wipe it out of his eye.

If you already have done so that may be what caused some of the swelling. That is the first instinct to do, wipe it away, so don't feel bad if you did that.

I did a real stupid thing with my first, but I am afraid all the Mommies will laugh at me if I tell the story. :0



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It is red and swollen because of the irritation itself. Add saline drops and wipe his eye to the best of your ability with a wet wash cloth to wipe away any reside. Keep your chin up, it was an accident and for your information, the eye is the quickest healing part of our bodies. So just clear the irritants out of his eye and he should be fine in no time.
(PS....just think of it as.....what would you do if you got baby oil or shampoo or anything that didn't belong in your eye, in your eye? :)



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you could buy baby eye drops and drop them in to help clean them out.

PS Doctor just use saline solution which is salt water.




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Hi D.,
To prevent this problem from happening in the future I would reccommend Arbonne's baby line. All products are botanically based - pure, safe & beneficial. They do a repeat patch irritantcy test until they get to "O" on humans (NEVER tested on animals). Baby oil is actually mineral oil (petroleum based) and not good for our skin at all!! Arbonne has an amazing baby oil made only from essential oils and for very sensitive skin. I would be more than happy to send you a sample!! Just email me your address:
[email protected]

:) A.

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