Goodie Bag Idea's for 6 Year Old Birthday Party?

Updated on April 20, 2010
K.M. asks from Mountain View, CA
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Hi Mom's,

I would appreciate any idea's to put in a goodie bag for my son's 6th birthday party. Boy's and girl's will be attending.


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So What Happened?

Thanks every one!!! Wow!! i love this site! I really appreciate all your great suggestions! I went out late yesterday afternoon and went with the bubbles, coloring,stamps, idea. Although I really like the water bottle idea! I might go with that one next year!

Thanks to all of you great Mom's!

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answers from Chicago on

I always like to give something they can really use.We have given sunglasses from the children's place ($2.50 a pair),water bottles from Kohl's ($3 on sale),and sidewalk chalk. Each year it gets a little bit harder but I don't want to give plastic junk that goes in the garbage after it breaks!
Have a great party!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi K.,

Goodie bags are not a must have but if you want to give them something, Art supplies are always good for this age group, bubbles and playdough/ silly puddy etc. You can also give crayons, color pencils, markers, pencil box.

Piggy Bank is also a great idea, along with chocolate coins.

Have fun

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answers from Omaha on

Skip the goodie bags! We have two girls, ages 5 & 8 and this month alone we have 5 parties. My experience has been that the stuff in the bags sits around and gets tossed. Our last party we threw, we gave out fun and useful water bottles. I still see friends using them.
Good luck and have fun. The best things in life aren't things! Make some great memories!

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answers from Phoenix on

I have kind of stopped with the goodie bags for my son's birthday parties (they are 2 and 7). Instead I have started giving each child a book with a balloon tied to it or some other small toy (ranging from $1-$3). As a mom I hate those goddie bags all the little toys in them that just end up littering my sons room. He never plays with them and I swear they multiply. I like the art supply idea, playdogh or a small car/truck.

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answers from Las Vegas on

small playdough, cars, hello kitty figures, those fun paddle ball things that I remember from my childhood, punch balloons, a balloon, bouncy balls, bubbles, bead/necklace, finger puppets, hair ties, photo copies of from a word game book, all sorts of things!!!

Have fun!



answers from Sacramento on

Rather than having goodie bags, why not arrange some games for the kids to play and have prizes for them? Kids love to play games and you can have the prizes tied to participation rather than to winning the games.



answers from Chico on

Bucket and shovel, coloring book and a couple crayons (I like to buy a large box and divide them as it is less expensive than a bunch of small boxes and my kids rarely use the "right" colors for stuff), a special candy (like a sucker shaped to match the theme of the party- one year, my son had a construction party and I got chocolate rocks for the goody bags. Stickers are always a hit, and for 6-year-olds, pencils are useful and fun. If you are on a tight budget, you can print off a few coloring pages (do an internet search for printable pages) and make your own little books.



answers from Stockton on

I tried 2 years running to do "girl" bags and "boy" bags - ended up stressed out trying to remember which was what. Unisex is the way to go - bubbles, party themed pencil, a GOOD piece of candy and a little Thank-You card.
My son's B-day is the week before Halloween so I include a little safety light to take Trick-or-Treating.



answers from Kansas City on

I would make sure to do stuff they are really going to use. Don't buy anything that you would throw away if your own kid came home with it! ;) I like the idea of bubbles or sidewalk chalk, very summery. Also balloons, fruit snacks, toy cars might be good.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I saw a nice tote bag with a clear pocket and the mom took pics of each kid and put it into his/her own tote bag. Otherwise, skip the goody bags, but O. nice thing--a piggy bank, a water bottle, etc.



answers from Chicago on

a photo of your child is always nice to put in their bag, as well, as a fun card game like blink, or old maid and some fun treats kids love lollipops!



answers from New York on

Bubbles, stickers, fun erasers, markers, sidewalk chalk



answers from San Francisco on

I haven given out gift certificates to our local ice cream parlor for an ice cream cone. If you have people coming from outside your neighborhood you can do baskin robbins because they seem to be everywhere.

I also have the kids all bring home a balloon that was used as a decorations.



answers from Washington DC on

In my sons goodie bags last year for his 6th birthday I put in a pencil , a tattoo , 1 mini sized chocolate bar and a mini size play doh tub.



answers from Cleveland on

Michael's and Joann's crafts have wooden models that kids can paint or color with markers fro $1 each (I bet other craft stores have similar ones). I just looked at them, and they had bird houses, race cars, airplanes, a daisy stickng out of a flower pot, and about 6 other selections.



answers from San Francisco on

i hate goodies bags! I just do a pinata for my boys and the kids get to take some some candy....



answers from San Francisco on

Take your birthday invitation to your favorite bakery and have them design a cookie that coordinates with the theme. Package it in a cellophane bag with a great bow and thank you tag and you will have a treat that kids will enjoy after the party is over and that parents don't hate (who needs any more of those party store plastic trinkets anyway:) I use the Danville bakery for special cookies.



answers from Boston on

Bouncy balls, punching balloons or bubbles are always hits. If there is a theme to the party, you could give something theme related or have the kids make something related to the theme.

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