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Updated on January 25, 2011
B.S. asks from Olathe, KS
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Ok, so almost 10 years ago I bought a Kirby vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesperson. I was happy with it, but now I am not. I don't know if it is the vacuum cleaner that is not working right or it's because our carpet is just as old, matted down builder's grade stuff. The carpet is just as old since its original to the house, which was built almost 10 years ago. The vacuum cleaner was very expensive as some of you know, so I don't want to get rid of it if I don't need to. Do I pay to have someone look at it? How much would it cost to get it looked at? It seems like it still has some suction when you turn it over. But then when you vacuum there could be lint laying there, and it won't pick it up! It is so frustrating! My rep's information is not good anymore so I don't know who to contact at this point. I just need to know if I should have it looked at or get a new vacuum altogether. And then what is a good vacuum cleaner to purchase if I do get a new one?

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have never bought a Kirby but a rep came around here not too long ago and I seem to remember them having a lifetime warranty. I guess I would look them up online and call the main number to find out what to do. If you do buy something else, I like my Simplicity vacuum. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

There might be some independent vacuum stores that can help you. Try the Kirby Service Center here: 814 Johnson Drive Mission, KS 66202-3327

If the repair is going to cost you a pretty penny, Dysons have an incredible reputation. They're a little pricier than the other ones, but it's a great investment.


answers from Sacramento on

My mom has had her Kirby for 35 years now and she has had repairs done over the years - I believe you could just look in the local yellow pages or Google a Kirby certified repair shop near you. If it would be a relatively inexpensive fix, then I would go that route first.

If you end up needing a new vacuum, I have 2 Dysons and love them. One is the Dyson Ball, and the other is the Dyson canister. They're both great! Costco has them now, a little cheaper than other places.


answers from Kansas City on

I personally hate Kirby and uprights but I have had a Miele for some time now and love it. You would need to be careful in which one you buy, some are more for hardwoods and some are for carpets and both. I love it and the attachments are great and it picks up and cleans. They are expensive but last forever.



answers from St. Louis on

I have been using a Kirby for almost 18 years now. We are finding that as our carpet ages, the vacuum is requiring more & more cleaning of the head. Have you ever taken the front end off & cleaned the head? It's an easy process & it is absolutely gross how much we're pulling out now!

A few months ago, we bought a newer Kirby from some friends (planning on the time when our old one requires a repair more expensive than buying a replacement). The newer vacuum requires head-cleaning even more than our older one! Our theory is newer up more.

As for a repair shop, check your yellow pages or check the Kirby website. Be prepared for expensive parts & repairs!



answers from Kansas City on

is the belt stretched or broken? may have a clog. Also not much you can do with worn out carpet so if you think any vacuum will bring back the shag it's not going to happen. Maybe the vacuum needs lowered where the carpet is worn more. Call a local kirby dealer and ask them questions or look up information on the internet, someone else may have had the same question and the answer may be out there. If it has a bag maybe the bag area is clogged or the bag is above the full line. So many people over fill their vacuum cleaners and it will lose power and suction if overfull. They are supposed to only be about half full to be considered a full bag. I do think Kerby has a warranty and may fix it under your warranty.

If you do decide to get another vacuum.. the Dyson is great. It has powerful suction and lightweight.

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